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WaterLili - WaterColor Effect , The Fourth Dimension , BlackCam - Black&White Camera and more


Spending Log Pro ( $2.99 → Free ) MoneyBudgie Spending Log helps analyze your finances. Start off by creating personal accounts and customizing categories in the “Set Up” menu. You’re able to prioritize types of income and expenses to make recording them even faster. Then every time you make a purchase or have money flow in, simply enter an amount, choose a category, attach a description, and define a date. Spending Log’s main screen allows you to easily check in on how things are going and analyze the data in chart form.


WaterLili - WaterColor Effect ( $2.99 → Free ) esDot Studio Inc WaterLili provides stunning results in mere minutes. You’re able to convert any photo in your library into a watercolor painting just by dragging sliders to adjust the intensity of the outline, wobble, oil brush, paper texture, and color. Then apply one of the 16 included masks or leave your work of art as it is. You’re able to share it via your favorite social media network or save it as a high resolution image that’s perfect for printing.

The Fourth Dimension ( $2.99 → Free ) Drew Olbrich The Fourth Dimension will blow you away. Not just the mathematical idea, but the app itself. It takes you on a 30 page journey that starts at dimension zero and works towards the fourth dimension. Each page includes detailed yet engaging text and interactive models that will help you grasp the concept.

BlackCam - Black&White Camera ( $1.99 → Free ) pierre gougelet BlackCam does one thing and does it well. It provides you with dozens of lens filters to choose from, all of which are shown live on your feed. You can also add simulated grain and vignette, and adjust the contrast, brightness, and exposure at will. The app outputs at full resolution, providing you with the best possible results.

Fiete Match ( $0.99 → Free ) Ahoiii Entertainment Go head-to-head with Fiete and try to find matching pairs of cards. You and Fiete will take turns choosing cards, so you will want to pay close attention even while he takes his turn. The game isn’t just about matching identical cards, however. It includes a total of six game types, including trying to find logical relationships in cards and solving calculations.

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Run!!! is a Challenging Endless Runner That Keeps You Coming Back

December 15, 2017 by RSS Feed

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Run!!! is an addicting arcade game for iPhone that begs you to keep playing for a better score. Simple controls and unlockable characters make this a great game for everyone.

Concept and Gameplay:

I’m all for complex and in-depth games, but sometimes the most fun is had when you have only one goal in mind – don’t fall in the hole.

Run!!!,developed by Kongregate, has one objective – travel as far as you can while avoiding obstacles such as holes in the floor. Controls are very simple – move left or right by sliding your left thumb, and tap to make your character jump. Beyond that, your only objective is to survive as long as you can.

Two game modes, Explore and Infinity, are available for you to play through. If you’re feeling adventurous, Explore mode is definitely the way to go.

You can complete levels and unlock additional characters and achievements while mapping the galaxy.

Infinity mode is perfect for competitive players who want to see how far they can go and earn the highest score.


Run!!! iPhone Game

As I mentioned above, Run!!! allows players to unlock additional characters with special abilities.

One of the cool things about this is that you can use these additional characters to continue your progress in Infinity mode if you happen to fail.

Run!!! features an in-game store where you can purchase powerups and characters with power cells. Power cells can be earned by playing, watching ads, or purchasing them.


Run!!! is available to download from the App Store for free and is universally compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Overall, Run!!! is a fantastic arcade game that’s so much fun to play I couldn’t put down once I started playing. It has tons of great features that will keep you coming back for more.

Run!!! requires iOS 9.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Rewind Time and Get Weird in Life is Strange

December 14, 2017 by RSS Feed

Life is Strange ($2.99) by Square Enix is the mobile port of the 2015 game that was released on Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The game is classified as an episodic graphic adventure game and consists of five episodes. It's similar to other games on the App Store, like Telltale's The Walking Dead and Batman.

If you've followed console gaming at all in the past few years, then you may have heard of Life is Strange at some point. It's just one of the many episodic-style games that are more of an interactive storytelling experience instead of a fast-paced shooter, or something along those lines. I've heard nothing but good things about Life is Strange since its release a few years ago, but I couldn't quite bring myself to purchase it on console. So when I saw that it was coming to the App Store this week, I had to check it out.

When Apple announced that you can pre-order apps and games on the App Store, I was curious about how this would work. So I saw Life is Strange being featured on the App Store before release, with a button to pre-order. I did this, and would like to comment that it works flawlessly. Once the game was available, it began to download automatically on my device and I was charged. It's simple, and a great way to remember big releases when life gets so hectic (Christmas is coming, after all).


Walking Dead: The Game

Telltale Games


Batman - The Telltale Series

Telltale Games

Visually, Life is Strange is as beautiful as ever. The game runs on Unreal Engine, so it's console quality on your iPhone or iPad. As someone who's never played Life is Strange before, I'm thoroughly impressed with the graphics, because the world and characters are incredibly lifelike. While some motions still look a bit jerky, the movements and animations for all of the characters are pretty realistic. The colors in the game are bold and rich, and the dynamic lighting and weather just make everything pop. The soundtrack is incredible, and the voice acting is superb.

Since Life is Strange is an episodic graphic adventure style game, players must progress through the story from the beginning. There are no levels, just episodes. At the moment, the initial download of $2.99 includes the first episode, and you can purchase Episode 2 for $0.99, and Episode 3 for $2.99. Episodes 4 and 5 are coming in 2018. Or, if you want to save money, you can get the Season Pass for $8.99, which includes all current and upcoming episodes.

For those who are unaware, Life is Strange's plot revolves around Max Caulfield, who's an 18-year-old senior photography student with an amazing gift. She has the power to rewind time at any given moment, causing her choices to have a butterfly effect. The game opens up with Max foreseeing a catastrophic storm, and ultimately, she must work on preventing this from destroying the town. But there's more to the game than that.

Early on in the game, you end up saving the life of Max's best friend, Chloe Price. The pair soon find themselves looking into the mysterious disappearance of Rachel Amber, a fellow student. This digging around reveals that Arcadia Bay isn't all it's cracked up to be. Not only that, but changing the past can ultimately lead to doomed futures.

Controls in Life is Strange are simple and work like typical point-and-click adventure games. To look around Max, just drag your finger around the screen. To move, just tap where you want her to go. Any objects that you can interact with will be pointed out to you, which just need a tap, and you can choose between "Look" or "Use" actions.

I found that the swiping for moving the camera around takes a bit of getting used to, because it felt like I kept looking in the opposite direction of what I wanted. But if it bothers you, the game's settings have controller options, where you can invert the X and Y axis for the camera. You can also use joystick controls if tapping-to-move is too tedious.

Once Max's rewind power is revealed, you can activate it by tapping on the button in the top left corner. You can rewind the scene or do a fast rewind if you're impatient. Or, you can use the "Quick Undo" to jump immediately back to the last part that required a decision from you. Sometimes you will need to rewind a scene multiple times, as you end up gaining valuable information that you can use to make a decision prior. All decisions you make in Life is Strange affect how the narrative unfolds.

An episodic decision based adventure game with the ability to rewind time.

The Good

Life is Strange is an excellent game that's well worth your time. It looks fantastic on my iPhone 8 Plus and the voice acting is well-done. The controls work out well enough for mobile devices, which is surprising. The story in Life is Strange is also captivating and engaging from the get-go, so once you start, chances are you'll be hooked.

The Bad

While Life is Strange is a fantastic addition to anyone's iOS game collection, it does have some quirks. I noticed a few frame rate issues in the beginning, where the scene was a bit choppy. Also, in the beginning with the storm, the controls were a bit fidgety, so I felt stuck and unable to reach the lighthouse. And the camera swiping felt a bit off, because it seemed to be the opposite of what I'm used to by default. Still, these are small quirks, and aren't going to stop me from playing.

The verdict

While I'm still fairly early on in Life is Strange, I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far. I love the realistic graphics, voice acting and music, and the controls are pretty decent for touch screens. It's my first time playing, and the story got me hooked right away. This is one iOS game that is well worth the money and I look forward to checking out the next episodes.

If you haven't played Life is Strange yet, then this is the perfect time to do so. Life is Strange is on the App Store as a universal download for your iPhone and iPad for just $2.99. The additional episodes can be bought through in-app purchases.



Replayability 5

Game Controls 5

Graphics 5

Sound/Music 5

Gameplay 5


Life Is Strange


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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 12/14/2017

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Diabetes Diary , Sprocket , Majotori and more


Diabetes Diary ( $2.99 → Free ) fridayforward Diabetes Diary helps put your health first. It allows you to record glucose readings, carb intake, and insulin doses throughout the day. Each recording can include a customizable timestamp and note as well. You’re able to get an overview of the past seven days, and view all of the information on an easy to read chart. The app also supports mmol/L and mg/dL, the ability to export data, and the ability to backup data via Dropbox.


Sprocket ( $0.99 → Free ) Pixonite LLC Sprocket is the perfect game for those brief moments of downtime. Tap anywhere on the screen to move from one rotating pod to the next. Each successful transfer counts as one point. If you land on the space between the pods, it’s game over. If you take too long to move away from the center, it’s game over. Little white dots on pods act as power-ups, which can award you bonus points and slow things down to help move from pod to pod. The game includes two difficulty settings.

Majotori ( $2.99 → Free ) Carlos Navarro Estrella The stakes are high in Majotori. Lariat the witch appears to grant you a wish, but only if you win at a game of trivia. Lose, and only bad things will happen. You’re presented with a series of 10 geeky questions. The more you answer correctly, the higher your chance of succeeding. In story mode, you’ll come across 25 diverse characters and more than 50 branching storylines. You’re also able to answer the more than 1,000 questions without participating in the story mode if you prefer.

CityMaps2Go Pro Trip Planner ( $9.99 → Free ) Ulmon GmbH CityMaps2Go Pro covers almost the entire globe, so no matter where you are you can be prepared for the adventure ahead. You’re able to browse through maps by country, or you can search for something specific by name. Downloaded maps include the ability to search for specific streets, view points of interest, and bookmark your favorite locations. The app includes thousands of downloadable maps.

5coins Expense ( $1.99 → Free ) Yuzhou Zhu Unlike similar finance apps, 5coins doesn’t try to do it all. Instead, it focuses on just what you spend on a daily basis. No jumping through multiple screens to perform a single task. Just swipe down on the screen to enter a value and attach a note. The app will keep a running total of everything you’ve spent, and you can view your expense history with an upward swipe. 5coins is able to alert you when you’re spending too much and have a chance of going over-budget.

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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 12/13/2017

December 13, 2017 by RSS Feed

Space Weather App , Learn Portuguese - MosaLingua , Star Wars™ Pinball 5 and more


Space Weather App ( $1.99 → Free ) Stellar North LLC Space Weather focuses on what’s happening in the magnetosphere, ionosphere, thermosphere, and exosphere. Besides having an effect on our planet and technology, it also creates beautiful auroras that can be spotted near the poles. This app provides real-time solar storm status with more than 50 measurements, reports, and readings. You’re also able to tap into real-time views from space, receive updated forecasts with push notifications, and review what happened over the past 24 hours.

Learn Portuguese - MosaLingua ( $4.99 → Free ) MosaCrea Limited MosaLingua will help you memorize thousands of Portuguese vocabulary words, key phrases, and conjugations in no time. All it takes is five minutes each day for two months and you will have memorized 600 words and key phrases. Nothing to it, right? The app utilizes a flashcard system with audio pronunciations by native Portuguese speakers. MosaLingua includes more than 3,000 flash cards, 14 categories, more than 100 subcategories, and the ability to unlock fun bonus content.

Star Wars™ Pinball 5 ( $1.99 → Free ) ZEN Studios Ltd. You're able to join the Galactic Empire or the Rebel Alliance and battle with your friends for leaderboard dominance. Launch your ball onto the table by pulling back on and releasing your finger from the lightsaber. Tap each side of the screen to control your flippers. The table features multiple camera angles to choose from, and quotes and music pulled right from The Empire Strikes Back. Multiple additional themed tables are available via in-app purchase.

Moonlight Express ( $0.99 → Free ) Damir Stuhec Santa’s reindeer are refusing to fly, so now it’s up to a boy named Palti and his overnight delivery service to save Christmas. You’ll see numbers indicating how many gifts are needed for each balcony. Just tap to launch gifts towards them. Direct hits on birds will cost you points, and you don’t want to waste any gifts since you have a limited supply. The game also includes an endless mode, and a variety of delivery vehicles to unlock.

Word Turds ( $1.99 → Free ) Exceptionull Games LLC Word Turds is intended to be lighthearted fun. In each puzzle you’re presented with a collection of letters, and you must create valid words from them in order to fill the toilet paper squares at the top. If you come up with a valid word that isn’t part of the puzzle, it’s added to your “Stool Sample” collection. Fill the collection to earn bonus coins, which can be used to purchase hints. The game includes eight level packs in all.

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