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Fitness Point - 7 Minutes Workout PRO , Flick Kick Field Goal , Colossatron: Massive World Threat and more


Fitness Point - 7 Minutes Workout PRO ( $0.99 → Free ) ZERO ONE GmbH Your time is important, but so is your health. Fitness Point will help make sure you’re in the best shape of your life without wasting lot of time. All you have to do is hit the start button and follow along with the guided animations. Within seven minutes, your workout will be complete. None of the 12 included exercises require weights or equipment, so you can perform them wherever you are. The app also includes voice feedback, a calorie counter, HealthKit integration, iCloud support, and workout history.

Flick Kick Field Goal ( $1.99 → Free ) PikPok Wind, arc, speed, alignment, and more are just some of the factors a kicker must consider. Are you up to the challenge? Prove it in two single player modes, one more nail biting than the other, compete online or locally in multiplayer mode, plus earn achievements and climb leaderboards on Game Center.

Colossatron: Massive World Threat ( $0.99 → Free ) Halfbrick Studios To overcome the formidable forces of General Moustache and his military units, you must attach colored power cores to the body of Colossatron in order to create matches of three. Power core colors can be mixed to create new, more powerful gadgets and weapons, so pay close attention to where you place them. You’re also able to upgrade and repair your Colossatron using prisms collected during your rampage. The game includes seven continents to destroy, epic boss battles, and achievements and leaderboards via Game Center.

Orca Puzzles for Kids Jigsaw Wonder Edition ( $1.99 → Free ) Eggroll Games LLC You won’t be able to resist the wonder of this jigsaw puzzle game. Each of the 30 jigsaw puzzles features a breathtaking orca photo to reconstruct. The jigsaw puzzles can be broken up into as few as four pieces and as many as 24. You’re also able to choose whether or not you want a colored background and outline hints. What more could you ask for?

Yuri ( $2.99 → Free ) Fingerlab Yuri wakes up to find himself in the middle of a strange forest filled with weird creatures and massive plants. It’s up to you to guide him through this dangerous new world by rolling on the wheels of his bed. You’ll have to use elements in your environment and play with physics to reach the end of each of the 10 levels. The game also includes a sticker pack, Apple TV support, and an original soundtrack.

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Super Phantom Cat 2 Gives You Purr-fect Puzzle Platforming Action

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Super Phantom Cat 2 (Free) by Veewo Games is a cute and charming puzzle platformer game that involves plenty of cats. If you are a fan of games like the Mikey Shorts series or even the recently released Cat Quest, then you will love what Super Phantom Cat 2 has to offer. It's a sequel to the hit original, Super Phantom Cat.

As someone who grew up in the late '80s and early '90s, I pretty much grew up on platformers. I had the Sonic the Hedgehog games for my SEGA Genesis, and of course, Super Mario Bros. for my NES. Platformers were all the rage back then, and they continue to be even now. Plus, how can anyone resist the cuteness of a feline protagonist?

While I love platformers, I considered it hard to find the perfect platformer on iOS, since precise touch controls are hard to nail down. The Mikey Shorts games got them perfectly, and it's been hard to find another franchise that matches it. That is, until Super Phantom Cat.

App Feels Like

App Feels Like


Super Phantom Cat - Be a jumping bro.

Beijing Veewo Game Co., Ltd.


Cat Quest

The Gentlebros Pte. Ltd.


Mikey Shorts

BeaverTap Games, LLC

Visually, Super Phantom Cat 2 follows in the footsteps of the original. The game features a somewhat blocky, 2D world that is bright and colorful. The game gives off an old-school, retro aesthetic that reminds me of Super Mario Bros., which is not a bad thing — I love nostalgia.

The protagonist, Ari, along with all of the other cats and other critters, have unique and distinctive appearances that are endearing and hard to resist. The color palette is eye-catching, as it has a fantastic mix of soft pastels, vibrant bolds, and even dark shades to represent night and darkness. The game runs smoothly on my iPhone 7, so the animation is fluid. The game has a quirky and whimsical soundtrack, with lovable sound effects. Overall, Veewo has done another excellent job with this sequel in terms of visual and audio design.

Like the original game, as well as many other platformers, the game is level-based. This means players go through each chapter and stage in chronological order before they're able to move on to the next area. The goal in each stage is to make your way to the portal at the end, but there's many things that get in the way before that happens. You'll encounter many different enemies, obstacles, treasure chests with prizes, and many other hidden secrets of the Phantom World. Fortunately, Ari gains access to some super awesome magical phantom powers on his journey, which help him achieve the impossible.

The controls in Super Phantom Cat 2 are simple and intuitive. In the bottom left corner are your buttons for horizontal directional movement. The bottom right corner has your button for jumping — tap-and-hold on it to do longer jumps. As you come across Phantom Powers in levels, you'll get another button adjacent to the jump. This lets you activate those powers, which include growing vines for climbing, turning unbreakable bricks into crushable blue blocks, jumping higher, freezing enemies, turning invisible, and more.

If you've ever played platformer games before, then you'll know that secret rooms could be anywhere. It's recommended to hug all of the walls if you can, because you never know what you'll find! Plus, you earn "Discovery" points if you find secrets, and there's plenty to find on each stage.

On each stage, players can earn up to three stars: one for completing it, another for finding the star, and one more for opening a chest. The first two are completely manageable if you take the time to explore thoroughly, but the last one can be a bit tricky. Some chests are free to open, but others may require keys, which you buy with the premium currency. They give you some freebies in the beginning, but after that, you're on your own.

As you complete stages, you gain experience points. Leveling up gives you access to new buildings that you can build at your base, such as locksmiths for keys, a brewery for elixirs (let you continue if you run out of hearts and die), and more. To create these items, you have to spend some gold coins and also wait for a timer, which can be annoying. If you're impatient, you can spend blue gems to speed it up.

Since Super Phantom Cat 2 is a free game, it has an energy system and occasional ads. This is disappointing, considering the fact that the original game was premium, allowing you to play as much as you want. During my time with the game so far, I have yet to encounter an ad, though, so at least it's non-intrusive.

While players start off with Ari, there are other heroes that you can play as later on. To unlock new playable characters, you must collect the necessary amount of hero fragments (found in chests), or reach certain points in the game. While most of the heroes are merely cosmetic, some of them (like Alpha), have special abilities, like getting hero fragments each time you play.

To add to the game's high replay value, there are also quests that can be completed for even more rewards. These are accessed in the "Quests" tab, and they have various objectives to complete. If you fail to do the objective, then it's game over and you'll need to try again. These keep things fresh and interesting, so if you want a break from the regular levels, the Quests provide even more challenge.

The classic inspired platformer returns with a sequel of its own.

The Good

Super Phantom Cat 2 is a worthy sequel from the original game. It has the same adorable art style and music, and the controls are super simple and responsive. The controls are on par with the Mikey Shorts series, and that is hard to accomplish! The game offers a ton of content for free, and there's high replay value with many secrets to discover, playable heroes, quests, and challenging levels.

The Bad

Unlike the first game, Super Phantom Cat 2 is freemium, which comes at a disappointment for many fans of the original. Having an energy system and timers in place can be rather annoying. This game is definitely worth a few bucks, and it seems many would have rather seen it stay premium, rather than go the free-to-play route. However, the game itself is good, so at least there is an option to eliminate the energy system and ads.

The verdict

Like many, I am a big fan of the first Super Phantom Cat, so I'm glad to see the sequel finally available on the App Store. Despite the free-to-play route that the developers decided to take, I still find the game fun to play, and it's rather challenging. Plus, I'm in love with the graphics and delightful music, and I can't resist a game full of sweet kitties. After trying the game out, I think it's worth plopping down a few bucks to get rid of the energy system and ads for a more enjoyable experience.

I highly recommend giving Super Phantom Cat 2 a try, whether you're a fan of the first game or just want a good old puzzle platformer to pass the time with. Super Phantom Cat 2 is on the App Store as a universal download for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV for free with in-app purchases. There are also iMessage stickers.



Game Controls 10

Graphics 10

Replayability 9

Sound/Music 9

Gameplay 9


Super Phantom Cat 2

Veewo Games

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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 08/21/2017

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Journey of 1000 Stars , Mindbliss Meditation & Breathing , Schulte Table - improve fast reading and attention and more


Mindbliss Meditation & Breathing ( $11.99 → Free ) mindbliss inc Mindbliss offers a vast library of content in the form of sessions and journeys that will help you find your bliss. Sessions are single sit meditations, which will help you relax in no time. Journeys take your practice deeper, requiring you to perform meditations that span multiple parts over five to nine days. You’re able to pick and choose your favorite meditation tools, and the app’s intelligent algorithm will ensure your future sessions and journeys will match the needs of your practice.


Journey of 1000 Stars ( $1.99 → Free ) Last Chance Media, LLC Journey of 1000 Stars will wear out your thumbs and your patience. The object of the game is to bounce around in the clouds while collecting stars. Your journey is over when you fall. And fall you will. You’re able to control your character with two directional buttons located on the sides of the screen. That’s really all you need to know. Aim high. Go for broke.

Schulte Table - improve fast reading and attention ( $0.99 → Free ) Artem Tselikov Schulte Table is all about practice. All you need is 10 minutes a day to improve your mental perception. The objective is to simply count up to a designated number or spell out the alphabet in order. You’re able to adjust the size, color, and font size of the grid to challenge yourself even more. You’re able to see how your abilities compare with the rest of the world via Game Center leaderboards.

Checkbook HD - Personal Finance ( $0.99 → Free ) iBear LLC Checkbook aims to be your financial assistant. You’re able to create multiple accounts to cover all of your money sources like your wallet, bank account, and credit card. Then every time a transaction is made, record it. Checkbook will keep a running balance for all of your accounts and allow you to visualize your finances with charts. The app also includes the ability to create recurring transactions, sync data via iCloud, and passcode protect your finances.

SPEEDOMETER™ ( $0.99 → Free ) Nordic Nations Speedometer accurately measures and boldly displays your speed in mph or km/h. The main screen also displays your average and top speeds. Dig deeper into the menu system to view a map, odometer, rate of acceleration, speed limit, altitude, and direction. The app works beautifully in both portrait and landscape orientations.

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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 08/20/2017

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Type Nine Keyboard - Swipe & Tap with T9 , Tadaa SLR , Mahjong I and more


Tadaa SLR ( $3.99 → Free ) menschmaschine Publishing GmbH Tadaa SLR does most of the heavy lifting for you, but it includes a handful of powerful editing features that will please even the most seasoned iPhoneographers. After taking your photo you’re able to apply a mask to your subject manually or have Tadaa SLR detect the edges automatically. The aperture, highlight and gloss levels, and range of your blur effect can be adjusted via sliders. Circular, linear, and complete blur options are available as well. With your subject fully in focus and background blurred out, go ahead and add some filters before sharing it.

Monogram Plus ( $1.99 → Free ) Joseph Goldstein Monogram Plus allows you to be you. It’s able to customize all five complications on your watch face with emojis, text, or images. Simply launch the app, choose whichever face you have set, and then fill in the blank. Make sure Monogram Plus is installed on your Apple Watch, and deep press on the watch’s face in order to customize the complications. Your chosen emoji, text, or image will then appear! You can also choose the color of your complication, and force the complication to refresh.


Mahjong I ( $1.99 → Free ) Mahjong This is Mahjong at its finest. You’re able to choose from 200 board layouts and eight realistic tile sets. Just tap to match. Hints, undos, and the option to shuffle the tiles are always at your disposal, and no pesky timers will get in your way.


Type Nine Keyboard - Swipe & Tap with T9 ( $3.99 → Free ) Rasmus Porsager Type Nine will completely change the way you type on a mobile device. It’s the first keyboard to combine a keypad layout with swiping, making it ideal for single hand usage. Simply drag your finger across the nine different keys and Type Nine will fill in the blanks for you. The process may take some getting used to, and there are all kinds little tricks that will speed things up even more, so make sure to take the time to go through the built-in tutorials. You can tap to type as well, but it’s more suited for two hands. Type Nine includes a handful of themes to choose from, quick access to emojis, and support for 34 languages.

Explore Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood ( $2.99 → Free ) PBS KIDS Explore Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is based on the popular PBS series. It allows your child to freely explore an entire town and interact with its many citizens. Your child can enter the stores to purchase items, visit the doctor, play music, and take a stroll through an enchanted garden. Mini-games will reinforce basic educational principles.

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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 08/19/2017

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Knots 3D , Fitness Plus Pro - Workout Exercises , Outland - Space Journey and more


MightyPaw ( $1.99 → Free ) Mark Pantojan MightyPaw provides a new take on the classic whack-a-mole game mechanic. You’re given 10 seconds to tap the friendly animal paws that enter the screen from all sides. Try to chain together as many good paw hits as possible to level up even faster. Just watch out for the pesky purple skunk paws because they will set your score back. The game includes 15 levels, and online leaderboards.


Knots 3D ( $1.99 → Free ) Nynix With Knots 3D, anyone can learn to tie a knot. You're able to watch each knot tie itself, and you can pause or adjust the speed of the animation at any time. You can also rotate each knot 360 degrees, and zoom in using multitouch gestures. Knots can be broken down by category or class, and they can be added to favorites for quick reference.

Fitness Plus Pro - Workout Exercises ( $0.99 → Free ) Yasarcan Kasal Fitness Plus will help you achieve your dreams. It includes more than 500 different exercises, each with step-by-step instructions, animations, and videos. You’re able to practice each exercise separately or create workouts from them. Track your progress through daily logs and sync the data across all of your devices. The app also includes a BMI calculator, HealthKit support, and a smart timer.

Outland - Space Journey ( $0.99 → Free ) Vito Technology Inc. Outland is a collection of 20 time-lapse videos that will take you on a space journey. The collection includes everything from the winds of Jupiter to the ISS flying over Earth to the liftoff of ExoMars 2016. Each time-lapse video includes serene background music, a short description, and a date and time overlay. It’s best if you can hook your device up to your TV to truly enjoy the experience.

The Lost Fountain ( $1.99 → Free ) MediaCity Games As a young child, you grew up only hearing tales about your father and his archaeological travels because he disappeared on an uncharted island. Now, as an adult, it’s time to go looking for your father and the mythical Fountain of Eternal Youth he was after. Piece together the clues across a variety of environments, solve clever puzzles, and follow along with the story on your path to success.

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