Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 11/17/2017

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Tiggly Chef Subtraction: 1st Grade Math Game , Animal Math Preschool Math Games for Kids Math App , Unfold: Stories and more


Unfold: Stories ( $0.99 → Free ) Moonlab Unfold allows you to tell stories with your content. It includes 25 minimalist templates that can be filled with photos and videos. Some templates also include text fields with adjustable font sizes. You’re able to preview your story at any time, and reorder the pages before exporting them.


Tiggly Chef Subtraction: 1st Grade Math Game ( $2.99 → Free ) Tiggly Tiggly Chef Subtraction will encourage your child to follow instructions and think flexibly. In each experiment your child is presented with a subtraction problem. How they get to the answer is entirely up to them. They’re able to drag and drop ingredients one by one into the equation or take collections. The game includes three labs with 30 flavors, 24 dishes, and 12 fun reactions from the chef himself.


Animal Math Preschool Math Games for Kids Math App ( $4.99 → Free ) Eggroll Games LLC Your little ones get to explore the farm with Lily and the cute animals. Each of the eight sections stars a cute farm animal, and your child must help them complete the task at hand. Games range from counting and classifying objects to comparing shapes and naming colors. A professional narrator will guide your child along the way and provide positive reinforcement.

Softball Bound ( $3.99 → Free ) AllTeamz, LLC Softball Bound taps into the largest directly of youth sports teams in the country. You’re able to browse through the list of universities alphabetically, search for something specific, or filter results by division, conference, or state. Each listing is loaded with information including address, website, coach name and contact info, and overall stats regarding the university. Softball Bound includes over 1,200 listings and all NCAA D1, D2, and D3 universities.

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Take Flight in a Paper Plane in Highwind

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Highwind ($0.99) by Selva Interactive is a unique shooter that involves paper airplanes, and a lot of them. If you enjoy shooters such as Danmaku Unlimited 3 and AKA TO BLUE, but want a touch of minimalism, then Highwind is one to check out.

Life gets hectic (it definitely has been for me the past few days), so there's nothing better than sitting down to unwind and relax. Usually for me, this involves puzzle games of some sort, but every now and then I need something different. If it's not puzzles, it's probably an arcade game that involves shooting things up. I'm a big fan of bullet hell shooters, but when I saw Highwind, I was intrigued by the style. It's definitely a game that is different and unlike anything you've played before, which is never a bad thing.


Danmaku Unlimited 3 - Bullet Hell Shooter

Sunny Tam






State of Play Games Ltd

Visually, Highwind has a simple and clean aesthetic that works well. Since the focus in Highwind is on paper planes, the graphics feature a paper origami style look and texture that is basic but pops out thanks to the color and shading. It's reminiscent of games like KAMI 2, which is lovely. Highwind's color palette is a great mix of bold and vibrant hues with subtler, muted tones, so everything contrasts nicely. Animations are buttery smooth and fluid on my iPhone 8 Plus, with no lag or choppiness in frame rate. There's also an upbeat and soothing atmospheric soundtrack that I found rather relaxing. The sound effects are fun and sci-fi style. The developers did an excellent job with Highwind's visual and audio design.

In Highwind, while there are levels, players have to start from the beginning on each run. This part is a little annoying, as I wish that there was a way to just select the stage you want to start from. Still, it's fun to watch your progression over time. The game is also randomly generated each time, so the enemy waves are different on your plays. The goal is straightforward: defeat all of the enemy ships in each wave, while avoiding other obstacles in order to move on to the next stage. While it sounds easy enough, the game's unique mechanics make things much more complicated than they seem on the surface.

The controls are simple but take some time to master. Your paper plane ship is centered on the screen and remains stationary. However, the background appears to shift to give you that sense of movement for your ship. You cannot manually move your ship around. When you tap on the left side of the screen, it will activate your shields to block incoming enemy attacks. Tapping the right side of the screen lets you shoot your plane's weapon, and a long-press does a charge attack.

To set Highwind apart from other games is the fact that you have a limited resource for your shields and bullets. There are gauges on the left and right sides of the screen to tell you how much charge you have for your shield and weapon. If they're completely depleted, those functions won't work. Fortunately, they replenish rather quickly, but still need time to do so. The key is to manage your resources wisely between defending yourself and attacking. You also can only take three hits before you die, and it's game over.

Another thing about Highwind that makes it challenging is the fact that sometimes you can't reach the enemy ships. There are special items that will spread your bullets out when they hit them, causing you to hit enemy ships that are moving in at an angle. Some enemies also fire bullets that can be deflected with your shield, so it's all about timing.

Once you clear a wave, there will be a mini-game of sorts before you move on to the next round. These mini games are usually obstacle avoidance courses, and you'll want to do as best as you can. As you play, you earn coins for defeating enemies, and if you get hit by an attack or run into an obstacle, you lose some coins.

After the mini-game, you're awarded with an opportunity to upgrade your plane. You can choose to upgrade your shields, ammo, or health. These upgrades cost 100 or 200 coins each. If you don't have that much, and took some hits prior, you can also heal for 60 coins.

Once you've taken too much damage, then it's game over. You get points awarded for your performance, and these accumulate over time to unlock rewards. These rewards include new planes, and each plane has their own strengths and weaknesses. You can see the stats for each plane on the Plane Select screen, where each stat is color coded (blue shields, yellow ammo, and green health). There are also additional game modes that vary the gameplay mechanics; there are a total of five different variations.

Highwind is a beautiful arcade shooter that is unlike anything you've played before.

The Good

Highwind is a unique shooter that truly is unlike anything you've tried before. The game has a gorgeous origami-like style and the sounds are special and distinctive. While there's only one game mode, the randomly generated enemy waves and unlockable style variations keep everything fresh and interesting. It does take some time to get used to the controls, since your ship doesn't move, but this is what makes Highwind stand out in the App Store.

The Bad

While Highwind has a lot of interesting aspects going for it, the "dodging" aspect of the game is a bit boring. You basically just need to get your shields up in time to deflect enemy attacks, and well, it's not the most exciting thing ever. I'm not sure how this part of the game can be improved, but it would help if there were slight tweaks.

The verdict

Highwind is an interesting and fresh take on the arcade shooter genre. The minimalist art style and music are soothing, the controls work out well, and the gameplay mechanics bring a real challenge to the game. I like that there are plenty of unlockables that you can obtain in the game, and there's a lot of replay value with the randomly generated stages. I just wish dodging attacks was a tad more fun.

I recommend Highwind to anyone who is a fan of arcade shooters and wants to play something different. You can find Highwind on the App Store as a universal download for the iPhone and iPad for $0.99.



Sound/Music 10

Replayability 9

Graphics 9.5

Gameplay 9

Game Controls 8.5



Selva Interactive

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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 11/16/2017

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Learn Spanish: MosaLingua , Cardinal Land - Jigsaw & Tangram Puzzle Blend , Gymster+ Workouts & IIFYM Diet and more


Learn Spanish: MosaLingua ( $4.99 → Free ) MosaCrea Limited MosaLingua will help you memorize thousands of Spanish vocabulary words, key phrases, and conjugations in no time. All it takes is five minutes each day for two months and you will have memorized 600 words and key phrases. Nothing to it, right? The app utilizes a flashcard system with audio pronunciations by native Spanish speakers. MosaLingua includes more than 3,000 flash cards, 14 categories, more than 100 subcategories, and the ability to unlock fun bonus content.

Cardinal Land - Jigsaw & Tangram Puzzle Blend ( $4.99 → Free ) Petro Shmigelskyi Cardinal Land is not only fun, it’s informative. Your job is to fill in the animal silhouette using colorful pieces. Just drag and drop to place, and tap to rotate. If a piece is in its correct position, it will snap into place. Move quickly in order to earn a perfect rating. After each puzzle has been completed, you’ll receive a surprising fact about the animal. The game includes more than 80 puzzles.

Gymster+ Workouts & IIFYM Diet ( $0.99 → Free ) Mark Runza Gymster is a fitness app, weight tracker, and recipe generator all rolled into one. The workouts can be narrowed down by the equipment you have and the muscles you want to work. Each workout includes a demonstration animation and the ability to record reps and weights. Each day you’re able to record your weight and track your progress in chart form right on the dashboard. Gymster also includes more than 200 IIFYM recipes to spark your imagination.

PhotoTangler - Best Collage Maker to Blend Photos ( $2.99 → Free ) Solid Eight Studios LLC PhotoTangler doesn’t require any professional photo editing experience to achieve great results. Simply import related photos or take new ones from within the app. You’re able to crop photos down if necessary. PhotoTangler will automatically apply a fade, which can be adjusted in a variety of ways. Layer as many photos as you like before finishing off your work of art with a background color and text.

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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 11/15/2017

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Jungle Jam - Child Friendly! , Lenny - funny random faces , AR Ruler & Tape Measure and more


AR Ruler & Tape Measure ( $2.99 → Free ) Linebreak LLC AR Ruler allows you to measure anything, anytime. Point your iPhone’s camera at any object and AR Ruler will automatically calculate its measurements. It works on everything from doors and windows to picture frames and furniture. Measurements can be saved and labeled for future use.


Jungle Jam - Child Friendly! ( $2.99 → Free ) Eggroll Games LLC Jungle Jam is completely free of buttons, menus, and in-app purchases, so your young child can mash away on the xylophone without any interruptions. The app also includes a fully interactive environment, allowing your child to activate a variety of animations by tapping all over the screen.

Lenny - funny random faces ( $0.99 → Free ) Kuba Reinhard Lenny has a face for everything. It’s a third-party keyboard, so you’ll have to make sure to add it through the Settings app. But after that, you’re able to randomly generate faces for your chatty friends or create your own by spinning three different wheels. Lenny includes about 5,000 face combinations to create, Apple Watch support, and an iMessage sticker pack.

Reminders Widget ( $1.99 → Free ) Crater Tech LLC Reminders Widget enhances the way you use reminders. It taps into the native Reminders app in order to pull any entries you’ve already created. You can then access all due or overdue reminders from a convenient Today widget. The widget also allows you to create new reminders, sort reminders, scroll through groups, and complete reminders.

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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 11/14/2017

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ProPlayer - the video player , GeoMEMO - Create Your Own Map , mTip and more


ProPlayer - the video player ( $7.99 → Free ) Azurcoding ProPlayer saves you precious time by not requiring videos to be converted in order to play on your favorite Apple devices. Videos can be added via browser, iTunes, iCloud Drive, or a direct URL. ProPlayer automatically collects any metadata in order to provide descriptions, run times, release dates, and other information regarding your videos. The app supports a wide range of video formats including DIVX, MKV, MOV, WMV, MPV, MP4, and many more. It also includes passcode protection, subtitles, TV-out, and the ability to change playback speed.

GeoMEMO - Create Your Own Map ( $1.99 → Free ) IMPATH Inc. GeoMEMO provides a flexible way to remember where you want to go. You’re able to search for places by name or simply drop a pin on the map. Then provide information like name, category, address, and a photo for your pin. All of your pinned memos will be collected and categorized so you can view them in list form. Memos can be shared, backed up, and restored.

mTip ( $0.99 → Free ) Pascal Mermoz mTip helps ensure everyone pays their fair share. All you need to do is define the tax paid, how much you want to tip, the grand total of the bill, and the amount of people in your group. The app will do all of the math for you. Swipe right to left in order to view the full summary of the split bill and make adjustments to what each person owes. After every change made, mTip will automatically recalculate all of the other values. mTip also allows you to store predefined tip percentages for quick calculations.

kubic ( $1.99 → Free ) Appsolute Games LLC Kubic is part optical illusion, part game. All of its puzzles are based on M.C. Escher’s art, requiring you to try and see things from a different perspective. In each of the 69 mind-bending puzzles, you’ll see a geometric design at the top of the screen and pieces at the bottom. Drag and drop the pieces into the open area in the middle of the screen in order to recreate the design. Hints are available in case you get stuck.

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