Tip: create empty spaces between apps on the Home screen, no jailbreak needed

May 26, 2016 by macjeff

One of the top things that those without jailbreaks wish they could do is put blank spaces between app icons on the Home screen.

Whether it’s to help with your creative organization technique, or to simply add a personal touch or pattern to your Home screen, you may be excited to hear that it’s possible to create blank spaces between your app icons on a completely stock, non-jailbroken iOS device.

In this tutorial, we’ll talk about how you can generate blank spaces between your app icons on the Home screen, as shown above, without having a jailbreak.

Creating blank spaces between iOS app icons


So if you’ve made it this far, then you’re probably interested in how to create blank spaces between your app icons on the Home screen without that prized jailbreak you’re missing.

An online utility that you can visit in Safari known as iEmpty will allow you to do this.

With this process, dummy app icons are created on the Home screen that make up puzzle pieces of your unique wallpaper. Because they will blend right in to your wallpaper, it’ll appear as though the app icons are actually blank.

Is it making sense yet? If not, don’t worry because we’re going to show you how this works.

Because this is a rather cumbersome process, I won’t waste any more of your time; instead, we’ll get right into how to do it.

Using iEmpty, the Gridlock for non-jailbroken devices

To make blank app icons on your device, you’ll want to follow these steps precisely:

1) On your Home screen, enter ‘jiggle’ mode by tapping and hold on one of your app icons.

2) While you’re in jiggle mode, go to the last page where you have no apps.

3) Take a screenshot by pressing both the Home button and power button simultaneously. This puts a picture of your wallpaper in the Photo Library.

4) Launch Safari and type into the URL bar, then tap Go.

5) After visiting the website, you will need to tap on the Customize button.

6) Next, tap on the Custom Mode button, and on the following page, you’ll tap on the Add button.

7) Now, you’ll be asked to upload the screenshot you took earlier. Tap on the Choose File button.

8) From the pop-up menu, tap on the Photo Library button and then select the screenshot you took from your Photo Library.

9) You should now see a preview of the screenshot in the web interface. Tap on the orange Upload Photo button if it looks correct.

10) Now you’ll see a large version of your screenshot with a grid of blank app icons. Tap on one of the icons in the grid where you want a blank space to appear on your Home screen.

11) iEmpty will now generate an app icon based off of the piece of your wallpaper you chose. Tap on the Share button in Safari’s bottom navigation bar.

12) Tap on the Add to Home Screen button in Apple’s share sheet.

13) Without modifying any of the information in the Add to Home interface, tap on the Add button to add the icon to your Home screen.

14) The icon is added to your Home screen with a blank name. Drag it to the proper location to create the illusion of a blank space between your app icons:

15) Repeat the process in steps 10-14 over and over for each app icon you wish to create, then just drag them to the desired location:

Pro Tip: You can simply tap on the back button in Safari to return to your wallpaper page; there is no need to re-upload your Home screen wallpaper screenshot each and every time you want to make an icon. Instead, just keep tapping on the spots in the grid where you want a blank icon to appear and a new icon will be generated to be used.

The caveats

This method works well to create a visually appealing illusion of having blank spaces between your app icons on the Home screen without a jailbreak, but there are some caveats to discuss. So we’ll briefly touch on those.

First of all, you’re creating Safari bookmark links on your Home screen. This means that when you accidentally tap on one of the blank spaces, you’re going to be sent to the iEmpty website in the Safari app and you’ll have to close Safari to get back to the Home screen. It can get annoying if you’re clumsy, so I suggest you take care not to tap on the ‘blank’ spaces of your Home screen.

Moreover, the icons are not transparent, so as you scroll through your Home screen pages and the dynamic of the icons changes, you will still see the icons. An example of what I mean can be seen below:

Overall, swipe animations are relatively fast, so this is a nit-picky beef on my end. The icons quickly disappear from sight as the Home screen aligns itself after every scroll.

Because of the aforementioned issue, I can see where Parallax effects might cause the icons to become slightly visible. I haven’t really tested Parallax effects that much because I’m not really a fan of them and I keep them turned off, but it’s something to keep in mind for those of you who do use them.

On a positive note, if you ever wanted to remove the blank spots, all you would need to do is delete the bookmarklets from your Home screen and the space would be occupied by the next available app icon.

Wrapping up

For a solution that doesn’t require a jailbreak at all, iEmpty is a great free way to get blank spaces between the app icons on your Home screen so it looks the way you want it to look.

There are obviously some caveats, but nothing will ever be as streamlined as a jailbreak tweak that gives you the control you want over your device. Hopefully a jailbreak doesn’t take too much longer, but to hold you over until then, I’d recommend checking out iEmpty.

Also read: How to theme your Home screen app icons without a jailbreak

Do you like to have empty spaces on your Home screen between your app icons? Share in the comments!

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Test Your Skills with WordSwish

May 26, 2016 by macjeff

Reviewed by MC

Reviewed by MC

WordSwish promises to challenge word puzzle enthusiasts. Featuring cleverly created challenges, this app by Jorgen Wede is a great addition to the library of anyone who loves a good mind-bending game.


The name of this app provides an accurate description of its gameplay. Players in WordSwish are given game boards of letters and are challenged to find the words hidden in each of those gameboards; once found, letters are connected into words via a “swishing” action with your fingers.

Hints for the categories of the words that you’re looking for are provided in each level, and the entry levels of WordSwish are created simple enough to make it very easy to get the hang of the app.

The number of letters per word is also provided, and each level always has more than one word hidden in it. This inclusion of multiple words certainly adds to the appeal and challenge of WordSwish.

Levels are unlocked sequentially as you successfully complete challenges, and your in-game score rises with your expertise.

Appearance and Layout:

WordSwish iPhone App Review

WordSwish iPhone App Review

While the challenges in the gameplay of WordSwish are impressive (particularly as you get further into the game), the graphics of the app are a bit lacking. The game screen is simple and clean enough, but the levels menu seem a bit cluttered.

The app didn’t translate very well onto the larger screen of a full iPad. There were no problems with the graphics resolution on smaller iOS screens, but things seemed a little blurry on the tablet. All items were still readable, but this app is best played on smaller devices.


WordSwish is a fun and unique game. Its level of difficulty varies greatly, with the beginning levels seeming almost too elementary at times. This ease will probably attract more players to this app than it will turn away; WordSwish may ease you in but it isn’t long until you’re being challenged. 

It’s a free app, with optional in-app purchases for hints in levels if you find yourself stuck at any particular spot. However, the in-app categorical hints (which also show you how many letters a word is) are likely more than enough for most players.

WordSwish is a terrific puzzle app. Offered for free, it’s sure to be of incredible value for word-lovers.

download (2)WordSwish iPhone app requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

The iPhone App Review’s rating:

Find your next iPhone app or game at

credit : theiphoneappreview

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Warp Shift is an Enchanting New Puzzler from FISHLABS

May 26, 2016 by macjeff

Warp Shift ($2.99) by FISHLABS is a gorgeous puzzle game that forces you to think outside the box, at least just a little bit. If you’re a fan of puzzles, then this one is definitely a must-have in your game collection. Warp Shift is somewhat of a surprise, considering that FISHLABS is a studio known for the Galaxy On Fire series, which is a space shooter, and definitely not related to puzzles.

FISHLABS is no stranger to iOS gaming, as they’ve given us amazing hits like the original Galaxy On Fire, Galaxy On Fire 2, and Galaxy On Fire – Alliances. While these are great games, I didn’t get too into them personally since I’m not the best at these action-packed space shooters (I have terrible aim). So when the news that FISHLABS was coming out with a puzzle game, I was instantly intrigued, as puzzles are more my forte. After spending some time with Warp Shift this morning, I have to admit that I’m pretty impressed with a puzzle game from a studio that normally does action games (like the reverse of Bushido Bear).

Visually, Warp Shift is absolutely gorgeous. The entire game is rendered in 3-D with beautiful landscapes and environments in the background that appear to be hand-painted. The character model of Pi, the little girl that you’re guiding through a boxy labyrinth, is incredibly well done, as it feels like she is truly alive on your screen thanks to the fluid movements. The colors are bright and vivid so it’s nice eye candy on your screen, and all animations are buttery smooth, even when navigating through the level selection screen. To top things off, the soundtrack to the game is calming, and the sound effects of nature or your robotic friend are fun and cheery.

Like most puzzle games, Warp Shift features five different worlds that contain 15 levels each. You’ll have to get through each stage in order to move on to the next, but there isn’t too much of a need to rush through the game. It’s designed to be a title to help you unwind and relax after a long day, though if you like to challenge yourself, there are three stars that can be earned on each puzzle. You’ll need the stars to unlock the other worlds though, so keep that in mind even if you aren’t a perfectionist.

The nice thing about the stars, though, is the fact that the game tells you how many moves you can make until you lose that star (as shown in the upper left corner). This is good because it also indicates that a puzzle can be solved in just that many moves if you try hard enough, though getting one or two stars is not that bad either. For those who like to be perfectionists, though, this helps give them a clear cut answer on how to solve a puzzle.

The gameplay in Warp Shift is simple, but gets tricky as you progress through the game. Each stage consists of an arrangement of boxes, some with openings for Pi to traverse through. Your objective is to get her to the portal so she can get back home from these maze-like ancient chambers that have trapped her. In order to do this, you have to arrange the boxes so that there is a clear path for Pi to reach the portal. Arranging them is done by swiping the rows and columns — the box at the end just goes to the other side when moved. Each swipe counts as a move, and if you want three stars, you’ll need to solve the puzzle in as few swipes as possible.

While the game looks easy enough at first, there are many new obstacles that await you as you explore new worlds. You’ll eventually have to deal with multiple portals, laser-guarded doors, and more. The puzzles can get rather tricky but it is always a fun challenge, and it helps keep your mind occupied since sometimes you’ll have to think outside the box to complete a level.

Even though I’m still fairly early on in Warp Shift, I’m finding the game to be enjoyable and well worth the money. The visuals are stunning (though it’s not surprising since it’s FISHLABS), the music and sounds are super soothing, controls are simple and intuitive, and the gameplay is challenging. The only thing I didn’t care for are the hints, since you only start out with a few and have to purchase more through in-app purchases despite this being a $3 game already. Of course, the hints are optional and only a last resort if you’re stuck, and naturally, every puzzle can be solved through some trial-and-error.

I highly recommend checking out Warp Fish if you’re looking for a zen-like puzzle game to check out over the long weekend. Or if you’re just a fan of FISHLABS and want all of their games in your collection, this is a refreshing change of pace from their normal fare.

Warp Shift can be found on the App Store as a universal download for $2.99. There are in-app purchases for more hints if needed.

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Minimal arcade game Octagon goes free as Apple’s App of the Week

May 26, 2016 by macjeff

Apple on Thursday updated its App of the Week promotion with the game Octagon. This means that for the next 7 days, you’ll be able to download the popular minimal arcade title on both iPhone and iPad for free, a solid savings of $2.

For those unfamiliar with Octagon, players are trapped inside an 8-sided, constantly-moving tunnel that features gaps and other obstacles. You must jump, dodge and do whatever you can to survive each torturous 60-secound round.

From the App Store Editors’ Notes:

If you took Super Hexagon, Impossible Road, and Tempest and shoved them in a blender, the resulting smoothie would probably taste like Octagon. It’s a psychedelic infinite runner backed by lean-mean electronic music and a difficulty that’ll have you begging for mercy while you tap to Retry.

And here’s a clip of Octagon in action:


Octagon is available in the App Store for free.

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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 05/26/2016

May 26, 2016 by macjeff

Jack Lumber , BendyBooth Full Version Face+Voice Changer - Make crazy funny videos , Dwelp and more


Cleu ( $0.99 → FREE )

This intelligent alarm clock will ensure you get out of bed on time and in the right mood. Its main display provides you with the current time, weather, and what’s on your schedule for the day. You're able to access the alarm set-up screen by swiping up. You can then create multiple repeating alarms with custom sounds and snooze durations. When it's time to get up, you'll be required to connect the dots to disable the alarm. Cleu is also able to tap into your Nest thermostat in order to change the temperature without leaving bed and control your Philips Hue light system.


Jack Lumber ( $3.99 → FREE )

Poor old granny was cut down in her prime by a tree. Now it’s up to you to exact revenge on the forest by chopping every pine, oak, and maple that stands in your way. Logs are flung up into view. The moment your finger touches the screen you’ll enter “LumberTime,” which slows things down and allows you to cut right through the middle of each log. This adds a strategic element to the game since you’re rewarded for stringing together perfect cuts. Don’t harm any of the animals in the forest, however. Jack Lumber actually loves the critters. He just hates the trees.

BendyBooth Full Version Face+Voice Changer - Make crazy funny videos ( $2.99 → FREE )

BendyBooth allows you to use 28 crazy effects to distort your face. The effects are applied in real-time, and you can adjust the position and intensity to ensure your photo or video comes out just right. The non-destructive editing also allows you to edit your face and voice even after you record. Captured clips can be sped or slowed down as well.

Dwelp ( $1.99 → FREE )

Dwelp is familiar yet unique. The idea is to link same-colored dots in as few moves as possible by placing them next to each other. The catch, however, is that once two dots have been linked up, the rest of the same color will become locked in place. Each puzzle has more than one solution, but your ultimate goal is to find the one with the least amount of moves. You’re able to undo moves at any time. The game includes a total of 120 hand-crafted puzzles.

Who Was? Adventure ( $0.99 → FREE )

Who Was? Adventure has a rather unique mechanic for a trivia game. The heads of famous figures will drop down into the screen. It’s up to you to tap on the person described at the bottom as quickly as possible. Each correct selection will remove the head from the screen, freeing up valuable space. If you guess incorrectly, the head you tapped on will remain and more and more will fill the screen. Power-ups and other objects will also populate the screen. The game includes 85 levels, an arcade mode, and more than 4,500 questions.

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