Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 08/30/2016

August 30, 2016 by macjeff

Pushups Trainer , Epic Flail™ , Situps Trainer and more


Pushups Trainer ( $0.99 → FREE )

Pushups Trainer allows you to customize your workout to your own ability and generates future workouts based on your progress. The app is able to count your push-ups automatically by utilizing the proximity sensor on your iPhone. It also includes workout reminders, the ability to share your progress via Twitter, and a full set of instructions.

Situps Trainer ( $0.99 → FREE )

Situps Trainer allows you to customize your workout to your own ability and generates future workouts based on your progress. It also includes workout reminders, the ability to share your progress via Twitter, and full stat tracking.


Epic Flail™ ( $1.99 → FREE )

Epic Flail pits you against other arena legends. Your opponents will enter from all angles, and you must stand your ground for as long as possible. The game includes three control types to choose from, including a familiar swipe mechanic that allows you to defend and attack with ease. No matter which you choose, you’ll find the action to be fast, fierce, and relentless.

TraptionBakery ( $1.99 → FREE )

Take a closer look at the poster on the wall. It’s actually contraption that’s not working quite right. Use common gestures to zoom in close and pan across the contraption in order to figure out how to make it work. Objects that can be interacted with will be highlighted in blue when zoomed in on. Read the instructions on the machines and listen to the sounds in order to purchase grain, start the mill, and, eventually, bake some bread.

Samurai Duel ( $2.99 → FREE )

Pick a side of the screen and prepare for a duel to the death. A square box below your samurai will fill up with a symbol. The first player to correctly trace the symbol will land a blow to their opponent. You must land three blows to claim victory. The game includes a total of five symbols, or weapons, to master.

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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 08/29/2016

August 29, 2016 by macjeff

LONEWOLF , MindNode – Delightful Mind Mapping , BeetleCam - Photo into SLR, Remote Shutter and Pro Photos Editor for Camera plus and more


BeetleCam - Photo into SLR, Remote Shutter and Pro Photos Editor for Camera plus ( $0.99 → FREE )

BeetleCam is an all-in-one photography app. It features an SLR-quality lens that provides you with control over exposure, focus, and zoom. A timer allows you to setup group shots, or if you have an Apple Watch you can enable the shutter remotely. More than 100 original filters are available along with a professional tone curve, allowing you to tweak your photos in a variety of ways.

Ananda - Meditate, Focus & Relax - PREMIUM ( $2.99 → FREE )

Ananda provides you with a new and unique ambience every time. Start off by spinning the wheel to determine your session’s duration. Tap on the wave icon at the bottom of the screen to select a binaural theme. Ananda includes a total of 13 themes to choose from, each with dynamically generated sounds. Each theme also includes a brief description and duration recommendation. You can then choose from a variety of sounds to accompany your binaural tones. The sounds will be chosen randomly, but you can narrow them down to your favorites. When everything is to your liking, hit play and enjoy.


LONEWOLF ( $0.99 → FREE )

Today only: Unlock all premium content free of charge! You’ll have to complete the entire first mission before the premium unlock option appears, but once it does, just tap to confirm your action and it’s yours. Lonewolf is a game of moral conflicts. It’s also quite violent, so it’s not intended for gamers under the age of 17. With that out of the way, Lonewolf puts you in the shoes of a mysterious assassin. The motives for your actions will be revealed as you progress through the more than five hours of story. The game includes 30 missions, hand-drawn cutscenes, mini-games, and shooting ranges to hone your skills.

MindNode – Delightful Mind Mapping ( $9.99 → FREE )

Most mobile mind mapping apps are difficult to use, but not MindNode. To create a new node, tap the plus button next to a selected node. Nodes can be renamed with a double-tap, and you can finish editing by tapping outside a node. To remove a node, simply select it and tap on delete from the context menu. You’re also able to attach stickers, photos, notes, and even lists to nodes. MindNode includes nine themes to choose from, and Apple Watch support.

Zuki's Quest - a turn based Puzzle Platformer ( $0.99 → FREE )

Zuki and her hummingbird friend need your assistance. They’ve been tasked with collecting golden idols from the temples, but things aren’t as they appear. The gravity inside the temples can be flipped, allowing you to move Zuki and Pico with just a swipe. Watch out for the many traps, spikes, and falling blocks along the way, and try to reach the idols in as few moves as possible. The game includes 72 levels.

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iOS 10 problems and the solutions to deal with them

August 28, 2016 by macjeff


Apple is set to update its mobile operating system to iOS 10 very soon, and it has a lot going for it. The biggest additions will change how people use their iOS devices in the future — transforming the way they write and send texts, interact with notifications, and use Siri within apps. The new version of iOS has been in beta for a while now, but the beta was only recently made available to the public, meaning thousands of people are now experiencing iOS 10 prior to its official release. People are getting to grips with new features, but there are also some iOS 10 problems that Apple needs to deal with.

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Fortunately, making the beta available to the public will result in more bugs, glitches, hardware and software issues being discovered, which should give Apple a chance to fix them before the OS’ official release in the fall. That said, it’s always convenient to have one place to find any and all iOS 10 problems, which is where we come in. We’ve scoured as many forums as we could to find the biggest problems people have run into while using the iOS 10 beta, and provided workarounds and solutions for as many of them as we can.

Problem: Battery drain

The iOS 10 beta 7 release, as well as other versions before it, have caused excessive battery drain for some people, even when the iOS device is being used normally. The problem isn’t universal, as many people report that their batteries are performing as expected, but if you’re using iOS 10, you should be prepared to charge your phone more than usual.

Potential solutions:

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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 08/28/2016

August 28, 2016 by macjeff

Animal Math Games for Kids in Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade Learning Numbers, Counting, Addition and Subtraction Premium , CALC Swift - The Programmable Scientific Calculator with Style , Owen's Odyssey and more


Red Dot Camera - Manual Rangefinder Style Camera for iPhone ( $2.99 → FREE )

Red Dot Camera mimics the look and feel of a professional manual camera. Its rangefinder-style manual focus places a magnified patch right in the center of your view to ensure crisp results. Dials along the side of the screen allow you to manually adjust the ISO, shutter speed, and exposure. The app also includes display frame lines, a self-timer, and a black and white mode.


Animal Math Games for Kids in Pre-K, Kindergarten and 1st Grade Learning Numbers, Counting, Addition and Subtraction Premium ( $3.99 → FREE )

To help each animal make their way home, your child will need to successfully complete a variety of math activities. Math activities range from adding and subtracting to counting and identifying geometric shapes. The app includes a total of 13 adorable animals to help home, and more than 100 activities. It also includes professional narration and instructions, and loads of positive encouragement.

CALC Swift - The Programmable Scientific Calculator with Style ( $0.99 → FREE )

CALC Swift is a multi-functional scientific calculator that’ll make your daily calculations a breeze. It features both standard basic and scientific calculation functions, which can be accessed with a horizontal swipe. It includes more than 50 advanced functions in all. A history log allows you to pull up numbers at any time and copy them for use in other apps. CALC Swift also includes a widget, Spotlight search, Apple Watch support, and colorful themes to choose from.

Owen's Odyssey ( $0.99 → FREE )

Owen’s Odyssey has a little bit of everything. Owen is armed with only a propellor hat, and he needs your help making it through a castle full of spikes, saws, fires, falling rocks, lava, and creatures of all shapes and sizes. To do so, simply tap the right side of the screen to fly ahead. Tap the left side to stop Owen in his tracks. Try to beat the target time in each level to earn an extra life, because otherwise you will not make it through all 40.

Tower of Fortune 2 ( $1.99 → FREE )

Like the original, Tower of Fortune 2 employs a neat slot machine mechanic for battling opponents. Tap the button to spin the reels and tap again to stop them in hopes of dealing damage, collecting gold, or obtaining a special item. You’re able to stop the reels mid spin as well to perform a combo or avoid an attack, but it will cost you additional gold. The game includes nine worlds to explore, seven mini-games, 50 challenging events, more than 60 unique enemies, 50 random abilities, 24 NPCs, and achievements via Game Center.

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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 08/27/2016

August 27, 2016 by macjeff

Tiny Empire , Neon Shadow , Undead Legion and more


Tiny Empire ( $2.99 → FREE )

The Tiny King gives the orders and, as his loyal subject, it’s up to you to execute them to the best of your ability. You’re able to adjust the angle and the power of the cannon by dragging your finger over any part of the screen. Release to fire. The cannon has a limited amount of ammo, so you better take aim as carefully as possible. You’re able to use the spoils of war to gear up your warriors. The game includes more than 100 missions.

Neon Shadow ( $0.99 → FREE )

Neon Shadow was inspired by classic first-person shooters, so it’s all about running and gunning. You’re able to hone your skills through a variety of single player campaign levels. Then apply what you’ve learned to wipe out your friends in local or online multiplayer death matches. There’s even a two-player split screen mode available for iPad where you can go through the campaign together or fight against each other. The game also includes adjustable controls and layouts, and a cyber punk soundtrack.

Undead Legion ( $2.99 → FREE )

Undead Legion is a strategic puzzle game that requires you to outwit your opponent by matching tiles. To move your units, simply swipe to create a path to their destination. If you’re able to successfully match three or more of the same colored tiles, you’ll be rewarded with bonus hit points. Units are also able to block attacks from opposing forces. The game includes seven unit classes, 14 skills to utilize, and a random continent to explore.

LiveCollage Pro - Instant Collage Maker & Photo Editor & FX Editor ( $0.99 → FREE )

LiveCollage’s collection of layouts is second to none. It allows you to combine up to 16 photos using more than 1,000 layouts. The layout categories consist of basic shapes, posters, pin boards, stitched together photos, and even 3-D objects. You’re able to edit your photos as well before exporting your final creation.

Hanna & Henri - The Party ( $3.99 → FREE )

It’s Hanna’s birthday today, and Henri needs to go to the store to get her a present before her party. Your child gets to help Henri get ready for the party, pick out a present, and eventually enjoy the festivities. The app includes 14 pages of fun, and interactive educational games throughout. It also includes professional narration with text to follow along with.

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