Top 10 Sticker Packs for Messages App in iOS 10

September 13, 2016 by macjeff

ios 10 messages send stickers featured 2

Stickers in iMessages are the hot new thing. Much better than use words, really. And there are all sorts of them. Fun ones, nerdy ones, annoying ones, and of course, Mario.

It’s day one of iOS 10 release so the App Store is filled with $0.99 sticker apps. But we’re here to tell you, not all of them rock. But we’ve found ones that do. Check out our tips picks for sticker apps below.

Pro tip: Before dropping a sticker in a conversation, pinch out with another finger to expand the sticker.

1. Super Mario Run Stickers


The only right way to start this list is with Mr Mario the plumber. Super Mario Run isn’t coming to iOS 10 till the end of the year, but the sticker pack is here to keep you company. This pack will give you classic elements from the Mario world, complete with versions of the Mario character, his hat and moustache as well.

Download: Super Mario Run Stickers

2. Bubbly Pico


You might remember the Pico character from other apps. Well Pico is now available in iMessage in this free sticker pack. There are lots of different stickers to choose from.

Download: Bubbly Pico

3. Monstermoji


You know what’s cute? Monsters. At least, in the Monstermoji sticker pack. You get more than 25 stickers, with a range of emotions all from surprised to enraged. The app costs $0.99 but I have to say, the stickers look pretty fun.

Download: Monstermoji

4. Places: Stamps and Stickers


If you’re a stamp nerd, you’re going to like this app. The stickers, which are stylised as stamps, look gorgeous. The attention to detail on these things is amazing. You can now share stickers from cities like Rome, London, NYC and lot more. It’s a great way to communicate your travel plans or aspirations.

Download: Places: Stamps and Sitckers

5. The Iconfactory Mega Pack


Iconfactory is an indie app studio that makes Twitterrific, among other apps. On day one, you’ve release 8 sticker packs. They’re simple ones. Ranging from Route 66 stickers, to Pixel World to Floriography.


6. Slicker Stickers


Slicker Stickers is a collection of variety of stickers, from various artists. It’s from JibJab and they’re stylized in a funky yet minimal manner.

Download: Slicker Stickers

7. Nounji


For me, this is the most surprising sticker pack. You see, The Noun Project is this awesome site where designers can find all kinds of icons, for free. Now, they’ve turned their vast resource of icons into an iMessage app.

So if you want to communication something using icons instead of words, Nounji will probably have your back.

Download: Nounji

8. Comic Talk


Comic bubble text are pretty cool. What’s much more cooler are the effects that we see in comics. Comic Talk brings those effects, for text like “OMG”, “GULP” and more, in the form of stickers. The app costs $0.99.

Download: Comic Talk

9. Doodler


Doodler is an app that allows you to doodle on your iPhone. Now, using the iMessage app, you can convert those doodles into reusable stickers. They’re pretty cool.

Download: Doodler

10. Emoji Sticker Pack


What’s better than emojis? Emojis that are stickers. This sticker pack is full of fun emojis.

Download: Emoji Sticker Pack

Your Favorite Sticker Packs

What are some of your favorite sticker packs? Share with us in the comments below.

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The Complete Guide on How to Use All the New iOS 10 Features

September 13, 2016 by macjeff

iOS 10 Featured image

Apple today released iOS 10 for all supported iPhones and iPads. The latest version of iOS brings with it a number of new features and enhancements for you to play around with.

If you are not particularly tech savvy, the new features and additions in iOS 10 might be a bit too overwhelming or you might not be able to figure out how to use a particular feature. To help you with this, we have compiled all the new features that Apple has introduced in iOS 10 below along with relevant how-tos on how to use them.



The new iMessages app in iOS 10 packs in plenty of new features to help bring your conversations to life. This includes a dedicated app store, sticker support, attachments, and more.

Read: How iMessage Apps will work


iMessage now has its own App Store where you can download stickers, GIFs, and more. To get you started though, Apple already includes four set of sticker packs in iOS 10.


You know how you can send a Like in the Facebook Messenger and how you can react to status updates in Facebook with different emoticons? This lets us quickly acknowledge that we’ve read the message and even show how the message makes us feel, very quickly, without even typing anything. The new Tapback feature in the Messages app of iOS 10 lets you do just that.

Bigger Emoji

Among the most innovative features in the new iMessages app in iOS 10 is the ability to send bigger emoji. And even better, you can replace words with Emoji in the Messages app easily.

Digital Touch

It means is that for a second or two, your iPhone’s screen becomes your canvas. And whatever you doodle/write on it is send to the conversation, with an animation of exactly how you drew it. It’s pretty cool. You can do it on photos and videos as well.

Manage Attachments

iMessage in iOS 10 is making it easier to manage attachments that you send or receive. By managing your iMessage attachments smartly, you can keep your iPhone free from clutter.


There’s no escaping it. The new bubble and full-screen effects in the Messages app in iOS 10 are loud. Colorful, and loud. If you are unsure on how to use Effects in iMessage, check our how-to below. And if your brain is annoyed by so many colors or sudden movement from the effects, we have a solution for that as well.

ios 10 messages effects and animations 2

Send GIFs

Did you know that you can now send GIFs in iOS 10? And you don’t have to manually hunt for a relevant GIF as well. Its all inbuilt.

Invisible Ink: Ever wanted to send some a secret message? Like in those movies. The message would only be revealed when they put it under this certain light. Well, you can do a version of it in the Messages app in iOS 10. It’s called Invisible Ink.

Markup images

You can finally markup images in iMessage in iOS 10. Yes, drawing dog ears on your friend’s graduation photo and sharing it in a group chat just got infinitely easier.

Quickly Send selfies

You know what’s better than sending an emoji, a bitmoji, or a GIF reaction? Sending a picture of your actual facial reaction to the message you just got. Call me old fashioned, but it just has its own charm. If you think so as well, the new Messages app in iOS 10 just made this a lot easier to do.

App Store

iMessage in iOS 10 comes with its own App Store that features a variety of apps, games, and stickers.


shuffle songs music ios 10 featured 1

The Music app has received a huge overhaul in iOS 10 that makes using Apple Music simpler to use. The bold redesign means that you might have to make yourself familiar with basic features of the app once again.


Wondering how to shuffle songs from your library, from an album or from the Now Playing view?

Download and manage music

The redesigned Apple Music app in iOS 10 is making it easier to manage your music library and download new songs from Apple Music. It also makes it easier to differentiate between songs downloaded to your device and the ones that are available for streaming.

Optimise storage

If you own a 16GB iPhone, storing music on it can be a particularly tough task to manage since you are likely going to run out of space sooner than later. To ease your pain, Apple includes a handy new Optimise storage feature in Apple Music in iOS 10 to make managing space on your handset easier.


The updated Music app in iOS 10 now features built-in support for showing lyrics so you can sing along to your favourite songs easily.


iOS 10

Besides iMessage, the Photos app has also seen a major upgrade in its functionality in iOS 10. It borrows heavily from Google’s Photos app, with the only difference being that it manages to achieve all the features without having to upload your photos to cloud i.e. all the processing is done right on the device itself.

Searchable objects

The smarter new Photos app is capable of searching for people, objects, and texts and more in your photos. This might seem like a trivial feature, but it definitely comes in handy every once in a while. Think how easily you can pull up all the photos of a particular friend or family member by simply searching for their name in the Photos app. Cool, ain’t it?


There is a new Memories tab in the Photos app of iOS 10 that stores Memories. Here you’ll find albums of sorts – Memories – generated periodically by the app itself, based on certain context. It can be a time, place, people you were with, or all of the above. The best way to explain it is when you come back from your next weekend trip, you’re sure to find a “Memory” for that location inside the Memories tab.


mail ios 10 vip featured 3

New features

The Mail app in iOS 10 remains largely the same as before, but it does come with some major new features to help make managing your inbox easier.

Easily unsubscribe from Newsletters

The updated Mail app also makes it easier to unsubscribe from Newsletters

Lock Screen

ios 10 homescreen lockscreen 3

Quick reply from lock screen

The Lock screen in iOS 10 has received a major revamp and now comes with features like raise to wake. It now also provides you with quick access to widgets and lets one quickly reply to messages without having to open the app.

Quickly call favorite contacts

Thanks to quick access to widgets, you can also quickly make calls to your favourite contacts without having to unlock the phone.

Disable Press to Unlock

The second generation Touch ID sensor on the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro is so fast that users were flying through the lock screen. Thus, whilst revamping the lock screen for iOS 10, Apple has changed the unlocking behaviour for iOS as well. Instead of simply keeping your finger on the Touch ID sensor, one has to press the button to unlock their device now. This is already causing confusion for new users. And people are worried that such a frequent use might wear out their home buttons. I personally think that we’ll all get used to it in a while.

Disable Lock screen widgets

Don’t like widgets on the lock screen? You can always disable them.



The Notes app in iOS 10 has received some major new collaboration features and some basic new additions like checklists.

View Voicemail Transcripts

With iOS 10, Apple has introduced a new transcription feature for voicemail that automatically transcripts your unread voicemails.

Finding Your Parked Car Location

iOS 10 is all about getting a little bit smarter, and making small annoyances a thing of the past. One of those delightful little features in the Maps app is the ability to automatically find your parked car. Now, when you leave your car (as long as it’s not at your home address), iOS 10 will remember the location.

Clear all notifications

Apple has finally added the option to clear all notifications for all 3D Touch capable devices in iOS 10.

New widgets: Widgets in iOS 10 are finally getting the attention they deserve. Almost all the widgets in the stock app have been upgraded to make them more useful.

Remove stock apps

No longer will you have to create a folder called “Extras”, put in all the unused stock apps and drag it over the last Home screen. For Apple has finally, finally added a feature in iOS 10 that lets you delete all the stock apps.

Wake Alarm in Clock

iOS 10 brought a lot of little things. One of these features was tucked under the new “Bedtime” tab in the redesigned Clock app (that dark mode looks amazing though). Wake Alarm feature is simple. Basically, you tell the Clock app what time you usually wake up, how much time you’d like to sleep and the app will take care of the rest.

Screen Filters

iOS has always been the leader in terms of accessibility features, and with iOS 10 Apple is making things even better by introducing Color Filters to help people with color blindness.

Home App

Home is an entirely new app iOS 10, that’s supposed to be the only app you’ll ever need for controlling all the smart home (HomeKit) devices that you own. Once you’ve setup the particular devices using their own apps and pairing systems, you’ll see them in the Home app.

Let us know how your experience with iOS 10 has been so far.

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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 09/13/2016

September 13, 2016 by macjeff

Super Phantom Cat - Be a jumping bro. , WordHue , Alice for the iPad and more


Super Phantom Cat - Be a jumping bro. ( $1.99 → FREE )

Mr. White is an everyday cat that dreams of being something more. You must collect life changing data modules on your way through a colorful universe in order to allow him to change his form. The game features whimsical character and level designs that make it a joy to run, jump, and pounce on your enemies. Keep an eye out for hidden paths along the way because the data modules won’t always be in plain sight.

WordHue ( $0.99 → FREE )

WordHue utilizes classic word game mechanics and gives them a colorful twist. You’re presented with a five-by-five letter tile grid. The letter tiles start off as white, and every time you create a valid word they’ll change color. The first color change will match the color meter at the bottom. Try to create words using the matching tiles in order to earn more turns or time. Every time you use a letter tile, its value will increase. Do your best to avoid creating three letter words as they’ll block out the letter tiles for a short period of time. The game includes two modes, daily challenges, and unlockable color schemes.

Graffiti Me!™ ( $1.99 → FREE )

After picking a photo from your library or a snapping a new one within the app, you're able to scale and position it on the wall. The moment your fingers leave the screen, your photo will be turned into graffiti. You can then adjust parameters, change filters, freely paint on the wall, and even tag your work. When everything looks in order, you can share your work of art via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Alice for the iPad ( $1.99 → FREE )

This isn’t some trimmed down version of Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece. It’s a complete and unabridged version of Alice in Wonderland featuring 250 pages of content. On those 250 pages you’ll find 20 breathtaking animated scenes, dozens of illustrations, and loads of interactive content like the ability to help the Caterpillar smoke his hookah pipe and throw darts at the Queen of Hearts.

Alice in America ( $1.99 → FREE )

Based on Alice Through the Looking Glass, Alice in America takes you on a tour of Manhattan with the Red Queen as your guide. As you dig into the 136 pages of content you’ll get to ride in a taxi with Tweedledee and Tweedledum, ride an elevator through the Empire State building, eat oysters with the Walrus and the Carpenter, and so much more. Of those 136 pages, 27 are filled with delightful interactive illustrations.

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credit : appadvice

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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 09/12/2016

September 12, 2016 by macjeff

Scrivalry , Reminders Widget , Swysh - Gesture Based Music Controller and more


Swysh - Gesture Based Music Controller ( $0.99 → FREE )

Swysh puts the conductor baton in your hand. Start your favorite song or album from the native Music app, and launch Swysh to control the playback. Wave your iDevice to the right to skip to the next song, wave to the left to go back, and wave downwards to pause and play. You’re able to adjust the sensitivity of the controls as well.

Wordid ( $0.99 → FREE )

Wordid is simple, casual fun. In each game you’re provided with 45 seconds and a jumble of letters. You must drag and drop the letters into the spaces at the top in order to create valid four-letter words as quickly as possible. Each valid word will earn you points, stickers, and additional time on the clock. You’ll also be provided with a new set of letters. Keep the game going for as long as you can to climb the leaderboards.


Scrivalry ( $1.99 → FREE )

Each participating player receives eight random letters to be used on the game board. Swipe to pan across the nine square mile board, and pinch to zoom in on the board and place a word. You’ll want to move quickly since the gameplay takes place in real time and other players will be trying to use the same bonus tiles as you. Once you’ve created a valid word, tap to submit it and earn experience points. Scrivalry’s massive game board is persistent, which means every word placed will stay forever.

Reminders Widget ( $1.99 → FREE )

Reminders Widget enhances the way you use reminders. It taps into the native Reminders app in order to pull any entries you’ve already created. You can then access all due or overdue reminders from a convenient Today widget. The widget also allows you to create new reminders, sort reminders, scroll through groups, and complete reminders.

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credit : appadvice

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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 09/11/2016

September 11, 2016 by macjeff

Intervals - Build Any Workout Plan & Hiit Interval Timer with Your Smart and Personal Workout Trainer , Runtastic Push Ups PRO: Workouts, Trainer, Counter , Pointillisted - Photo Artwork Generator and more


Intervals - Build Any Workout Plan & Hiit Interval Timer with Your Smart and Personal Workout Trainer ( $4.99 → FREE )

Intervals helps you to focus on your training. Entire workouts can be set up in just a few seconds. Tap to create a custom workout and give it a title. Then define the number of sets in your workout, add as many exercises as you like, and define your warmup and cool down periods. Exercises can include custom durations, colors, and specific music. When it’s time for training, tap on your workout of choice and start the timer. You’re able to control the timer and switch between exercises with common gestures.

Altimeter Pro A.C.T ( $3.99 → FREE )

Altimeter Pro allows you to track all kinds of data including your elevation, speed, distance traveled, coordinates, heading, and your route. You’re able to quickly switch between metric and imperial units, map modes, and tracking modes with just a tap. Your start points, end points, coordinates, and a screenshot of your map can be shared via email. The app also includes support for true and magnetic north.


Runtastic Push Ups PRO: Workouts, Trainer, Counter ( $1.99 → FREE )

It includes three training plans that will help you safely achieve your goal. The app acts as your personal assistant, as it's able to count your push-ups for you and coach you through audio cues. It also includes personal records, stat tracking, and the ability to share your workouts via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Pointillisted - Photo Artwork Generator ( $0.99 → FREE )

Pointillisted allows you to create abstract art with ease. You’re able to choose from four different shapes: rectangle, circle, triangle, and hexagon. The complexity and scale of each point can be adjusted via sliders. Pointillisted even allows you to vary the size by color and isolate by hue, saturation, and brightness.

Animal First Grade Math Games for Kids in Kindergarten, First and Second Grade Premium ( $3.99 → FREE )

Animal First Grade Math Games includes so much content for your child to enjoy; they’ll never get bored! To help the animals find their way across the wild, your child will need to successfully complete a variety of math activities. The math activities are designed for first graders, and range from adding and subtracting to identifying missing signs and practicing number sentences.

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credit : appadvice

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