Mango Languages Puts Language Mastery in Reach

Mango Languages Puts Language Mastery in Reach

May 04, 2021 by RSS Feed

Reviewed by Jimbo

Mango Languages is an incredibly capable mobile and browser solution for mastering the basics of a new language. With over 50 languages covered, the world is at your fingertips.

This comprehensive offering comes from Creative Empire LLC, and features vocabulary, spelling and conversational skills for over 50 different languages at very reasonable costs.

There’s a lot to love there, and, naturally, our iPhone app review of Mango Languages will let you know just what to look for.


I don’t think we’ve ever seen a language app with as much raw language information along with a bona fide educational strategy tucked inside and at such an attractive price (free to download but ongoing training requires a subscription, more on this below).

Mango Languages gives users ample practice with vocabulary lessons, drills, repetitive audible pronunciation for each word, spelling and flashcard games to increase learning retention, and even an awesome visual representation of each word to help engrain them in your brain.

Along with using native speakers to insure you hear the proper pronunciation, there are also informational nuggets that help to understand the cultural setting in which the language exists.

There are well over 60 different languages to choose from with many offered with more than one “flavor”. Arabic, for example, is covered with 4 variations: Egyptian, Iraqi, Levantine, and Modern Standard. With Spanish you can opt for Castilian or Latin American.

By breaking words down in categories, it’s easy to practice commonly used terms with the app, such as conversational phrases, numbers or colors. It also features an extremely useful searchable dictionary, so if you’re ever in a language pinch this app could come to the rescue right quick.

There are also over 20 English courses for non-native speakers focused on the most popular non-English languages.


Mango Languages iPhone App

For the first round of word learning and in-app quizzing, Mango Languages delivered admirably.

Each lesson takes you slowly from a point of competency that you left in the previous lesson to the next slightly higher degree of capability

We especially like how your language knowledge is reviewed in subsequent lessons. The design of the pedagogy never assumes that you remember everything from prior lessons. This is great since you may skip some days in between and need that bit of refresher.

The progression of vocabulary and grammar is easy, smooth and clearly well understood by the app developers to make learning your next language as easy as possible. But don’t be fooled into thinking that means it’s easy to learn a new language. It’s not. But the right program can help a lot.

Unfortunately, the lessons are not associated with a compendium of vocabulary words so you can easily drill what you’ve learned to date.

This feature is in beta and we hope it is fully released soon.

Overall Value:

In our opinion Mango Languages is an awesome app for learning the basics and beyond of a new language.

This also applies to polishing existing skills, especially when it comes to spelling and writing in the new tongue.

Downloading Mango Languages costs nothing, nada, zip and you get to try your first lesson at no cost. That’s a heck of a deal, folks, especially when you consider the methodology and the enormous wealth of the information available via this app.

Mango Languages iPhone app requires iOS 12.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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