Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 11/17/2023

Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 11/17/2023

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Grand Canyon Offline Guide , Pupillary Distance Measure X , Bug Bomber and more


Grand Canyon Offline Guide ( $2.99 → Free ) I Heart Travel Inc. Grand Canyon Offline is almost like having your own personal tour guide. The app works completely offline, just download the maps before you go. It includes a photo guide that’s loaded with content and exact locations so you can capture beautiful, iconic photos while hitting up the coolest spots.

Pupillary Distance Measure X ( $1.99 → Free ) VisTech.Projects LLC Pupillary Distance Measure X gives you accurate pupillary distance measurements every time. Just go to a well lit room, hold your device straight, and snap a photo. The app will automatically detect your eyes and give you quick, accurate pupillary distance measurements. This will help you order glasses online or adjust your VR headset.

Binoculars - Super Zoom Camera ( $3.99 → Free ) Gaurav Babbar Binoculars provides an elegant way to zoom in on objects. Simply swipe vertically on the right side of the screen in order zoom to levels as high as 95x. You’re able to choose from 28 different binocular frames and six different color themes. The app also includes the ability to snap photos of what you’re seeing, and a flashlight.

Bug Bomber ( $0.99 → Free ) Jason Sanford The goal in Bug Bomber is to connect four or more of the same color and kill all the bugs. The game includes 21 levels of difficulty and three different speeds. You’re able to check your progress and try to beat your high score.

Clumsy Bomb ( $1.99 → Free ) Digital Hole Pvt. Ltd. Tap the little bomb who loves to bounce to survive as long as possible. The faster you tap the higher you’ll go. Be careful not to hit the spikes as you bounce back and forth.

Fit Beats-EDM Beat Music game ( $1.99 → Free ) Digital Hole Pvt. Ltd. Engage in some Tetris-like action with Fit Beats. Tap left or right to rotate and match the shapes. You can kick back and enjoy fun tunes while trying to beat your high score.

Wiggly Bomb ( $1.99 → Free ) Digital Hole Pvt. Ltd. Tap to change the direction our your bomb to avoid being blasted. The goal is to collect as many coins as you can without blowing up. See if you have what it takes to climb to the top of the leaderboards.

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