Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 09/15/2023

Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 09/15/2023

September 15, 2023 by RSS Feed

ToonCamera , Magic Launcher Pro Widgets , Exercise Timer & Gym Timer and more


Exercise Timer & Gym Timer ( $2.99 → Free ) Simon Jansen Exercise Timer & Gym Timer can be enjoyed by both beginners and seasoned fitness pros. The app lets you set customizable timers for a variety of different interval training workouts, including stopwatch workouts. You can play your music in the background without missing a beat. The app keeps your workout history so you can track your progress.

Clear Wave - Speaker Test ( $7.99 → Free ) Gaurav Babbar Sonic: Clear Wave will help you eject clear sound from your phone speakers. The app plays a series of tones in order to gauge the performance of your speakers. You’re able to generate ultrasonic frequencies up to 25,000 Hz (hertz) and choose between seven classic waveforms.

Lock Launcher Widgets・LockFlow ( $41.99 → Free ) Andres Piza Buckmann Lock Flow turns your Lock Screen into command central. You’re able to completely customize your Lock Screen with widgets however you like. You can set Shortcuts anyway you want. Lock Flow unlocks the true potential of iOS 16.

ToonCamera ( $2.99 → Free ) Code Organa ToonCamera is a stunning photography and video app. It allows you to apply 14 cartoon and art effects to your camera feed in real-time. Each of the 14 effects can take on three line art styles. Existing photos and videos in your albums can be converted into cartoon works of art as well. ToonCamera allows you to save your creations or share them with the world via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, or YouTube.

Magic Launcher Pro Widgets ( $2.99 → Free ) Roxwin Vietnam Technologies Company Limited Magic Launcher has the ability to launch over 100,000 different apps and actions right from your lock screen. Upon launch it’ll need to determine which apps are supported. After it has finished you’ll able to add quick access icons for your favorite apps, contacts, settings, and services to your lock screen. The app also includes 3D Touch support.

Jigsaw Puzzle: Win Real Cash ( $0.99 → Free ) SSN Computer This puzzle game will keep you on your toes. Match the correct pieces as quickly as possible while making use of powerups. Each puzzle should be completed in two minutes or less. You get bonus points for completing the puzzle early.

Sunny Sea Ocean Sleep Sounds ( $2.99 → Free ) Franz Bruckhoff Before you do anything else, grab a pair of your favorite headphones. Without them you simply won’t get to experience all of the fantastic stereoscopic 3D sounds Sunny has to offer. The sounds were encoded in the highest quality 256 kbps AAC, allowing for a completely engrossing audio adventure. You’re able to customize each beach scene by mixing in as much or as little rain, rain beating against a tent, music, and bird sounds as you wish.

Taijitu: A Game About Balance ( $1.99 → Free ) particlemade Taijitu is inspired by the mythology of yin and yang. The screen is divided into two sections by a white line with shapes on each side. The shapes that are pulsing are the ones that can be swapped with a tap. The idea is to balance the two sides by ensuring the colors are equally distributed. The game includes more than 100 levels that become progressively more complicated.

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