Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 09/14/2021

Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 09/14/2021

September 14, 2021 by RSS Feed

Color Tap - Coloring game , LetterMarch , Flowing ~ Meditation in Nature and more


Blur background. ( $0.99 → Free ) Alexander Sukhanov Blur Background uses machine learning to keep the foreground of your photo neatly in focus while blurring the background. Take a photo using either the front- or back-facing camera. You’re then able to choose from five blur styles and adjust the intensity using a slider. Blurred photos can be saved to the camera roll or shared directly to other apps.


Color Tap - Coloring game ( $1.99 → Free ) Great Scott AB Color Tap is a fun and relaxing color by numbers app filled with high quality pixel art from artists around the world. The app is easy to navigate and lets you tap single color squares or swipe with your finger to color in larger areas. Color Tap includes hundreds of coloring templates and many hours of relaxation and creativity.

LetterMarch ( $2.99 → Free ) Third Rail Games LLC Capture words in this addictive word game. Tap the blaster to remove meaningless letters. When you see an actual word, capture it for points by tapping on its last latter. Exposing multiple words in a row will increase the multiplier. The game with ramp up quickly to match your skill.

Flowing ~ Meditation in Nature ( $2.99 → Free ) Franz Bruckhoff Flowing combines natural streaming water recordings with stunning artwork to help you sleep, relax, study, or meditate. It utilizes stereoscopic 3D audio that’s optimized for headphones, so you can drift off into your own little world. The six natural streaming water recordings can be mixed with rain, rain on a tent, music, and bird sounds.

Starship Earth ( $1.99 → Free ) philippe braekman Starship Earth puts our Solar System in motion. Navigate and witness the movements of our planets as they travel through the Milky Way. The app lets you take any viewing angle, move with the planets, zoom down to your location on Earth to witness Earth’s rotation speed and direction.

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