Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 07/30/2020

Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 07/30/2020

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MathEdge Division 2020 , Chromatica camera , Ananda - PREMIUM and more


Ananda - PREMIUM ( $2.99 → Free ) Manuel Loigeret Ananda provides you with a new and unique ambience every time. Start off by spinning the wheel to determine your session’s duration. Tap on the wave icon at the bottom of the screen to select a binaural theme. Ananda includes a total of 13 themes to choose from, each with dynamically generated sounds. Each theme also includes a brief description and duration recommendation. You can then choose from a variety of sounds to accompany your binaural tones. The sounds will be chosen randomly, but you can narrow them down to your favorites. When everything is to your liking, hit play and enjoy.

KinoGlitch ( $2.99 → Free ) Enrique Garcia KinoGlitch provides endless creative possibilities. Choose any image or video from your library and KinoGlitch will magically create 3D objects within. You’re able to choose from 200 different grid presets and adjust the intensity, smoothness, brightness, shininess, and texture. You’re also able to apply more than 50 different effects.


MathEdge Division 2020 ( $2.99 → Free ) Peekaboo Studios LLC MathEdge provides a step-by-step guide to learning division. It includes multiplication flash cards one through nine with the ability to learn and practice remainders. The step-by-step guide will walk your child through the problem with audio hints. The app also caters to left and right handed children.

Chromatica camera ( $2.99 → Free ) Natalya Petrenko Chromatica is a mobile photographer’s dream come true. It’s one of the few photography apps that features ISO and shutter priority modes, allowing you to make intelligent real-time adjustments. Clipping warnings highlight over- and under-exposed areas in your shot, and separate controls for focus and exposure points help quickly remedy any issues. Chromatica also features object tracking, a histogram, a lens tracker for depth capture, and optical stabilization.

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