Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 07/19/2021

Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 07/19/2021

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gTasks Pro for Google Tasks , Actolist - Todo & Audio Nudges , ABC Star - Letter Tracing and more


ABC Star - Letter Tracing ( $1.99 → Free ) habelnet ABC Star will put your child on the right path. You’re able to select from three lessons: Uppercase, Lowercase, and Numbers. Then hand your iPad off and allow your child to trace what’s in front of them using visual and audio cues. As they progress, a little egg in the corner of the screen will slowly grow and eventually hatch at the end. The app also allows you to skip ahead to any letter or number you like, and includes multiple colors to choose from.


gTasks Pro for Google Tasks ( $5.99 → Free ) JulyApps Ltd Your iPhone and iPad will always be in sync with gTasks. All you need to do is sign in to your Google account via gTasks. Your task lists will be populated and filtered automatically, allowing you to manage them online and offline. The app also allows you to create tasks and subtasks, add location based reminders, set repeating tasks, share tasks, view your calendar events, and even access your tasks via a Today widget. It also now has Apple Watch support, allowing you to be more productive from your wrist.

Actolist - Todo & Audio Nudges ( $8.99 → Free ) Actowise LLC Actolist is a powerful and easy-to-use todo list with reminders and progress tracker. The app keeps you motivated and focused by prioritizing your tasks. Tasks are safely stored in the cloud and are kept in sync automatically across all devices. Organize your lists by groups or customize them with emojis. You can also add subtasks, attachments, and notes to tasks. Actolist allows you to set up audible nudges and interval reminders to keep you on track. Monitor your progress by creating goals and milestones. The app rewards you with pleasant surprise when you achieve a goal.

Zero+ ( $0.99 → Free ) SaturnBoy, LLC The basic gameplay mechanics in Zero+ are simple enough. You must slide positive and negative numbered tiles around the board in order to achieve zero. The first few levels consist of just ones and twos, but things get crazy pretty quickly when large numbers and new kinds of modifier tiles enter the mix. Also, keep in mind that tiles won’t stop sliding unless they run into something. The game includes a total of 120 levels.

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