Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 07/07/2024

Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 07/07/2024

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Macrocosm - game , Chord , MiniGames - Watch Games Arcade and more


Invading Horde - TD ( $0.99 → Free ) AlhoGames Enemies are making their way towards the kingdom and the king has called upon you, a thrifty farmer, to stop them. Build defensive towers to defeat the invading horde. Each level you complete will give you gems that you can use to unlock additional towers, magic, and obstacles.

Macrocosm - game ( $3.99 → Free ) Solaria Software LLC Macrocosm is a journey from the atomic to galactic scale. Clear each stage to grow your galactic empire. Each stage presents a completely new set of challenges for hours of challenging fun.

Chord ( $1.99 → Free ) Roman Sevastyanov Chord has everything you need to write new music. Its chord progression tool allows you to choose any key and have it played in one of 18 modes. Chord also includes all types of scales and progressions, an instrument tuner, three sounds to choose from, and a metronome with haptic and audio feedback.

MiniGames - Watch Games Arcade ( $1.99 → Free ) AlhoGames Retro Twist brings iconic games to your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. The app includes 18 remixed games so you can spend hours killing time while reliving your childhood.

Speed Up Video ( $4.99 → Free ) Le Giang Nam Speed Up Video is a no nonsense video speed editing app. The app allows you to grab specific section of your video and adjust the speed. You can speed video up to 10 times and slow down to 1/10th of the speed. Videos can be saved in full resolution so you don’t have to worry about the quality being compromised.

Zario AI: App Block & Refocus ( $59.99 → Free ) Zario AG Zario AI: App Block & Refocus helps you set healthier screen time boundaries so you can stop wasting time and start being productive. By remolding habits you’ll be able to be more present and appreciate what’s happening in real-time. The app uses a gamified system so you can have fun while you reshape your smartphone usage.

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