Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 07/06/2024

Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 07/06/2024

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Sketch Pro: Create & Draw Art , Taijitu 2 , World of Juice and more

Sketch Pro: Create & Draw Art ( $99.99 → Free ) 4Axis Technologies Pte Ltd SketchPro: Paint & Draw Art includes over 100 different brushes, animation assist, and a huge array of AI-powered tools. Use custom canvases and unlimited layers to create truly incredible effects. SketchPro will revolutionize the way you create art.

Taijitu 2 ( $1.99 → Free ) particlemade Taijitu 2 is a game of art and geometry. Change the shapes to create color balance on each side. The relaxing music makes it feel like you’re meditating while playing and as with most games the levels become more challenging as you progress.

World of Juice ( $1.99 → Free ) Digital Hole Pvt. Ltd. World of Juice will have you solving puzzles in creative ways. Use your pencil to draw a line in just the right places to guide the juice into the glass. There are many different ways to solve each puzzle, you just have to find one.

MetaSurf: Social Browser ( $3.99 → Free ) Actowise LLC Social media can be a dangerous place but it doesn’t have to be. This app gives you access to your favorite social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and TikTok in an isolated environment.

Loop it! ( $2.99 → Free ) Mikhail Akopov Loop It allows you to make a beat in seconds, a loop in a minute, and a track in a matter of minutes. There are 14 drum sounds and 75 instrument sounds to choose from. If you’re not sure where to start, check out the seven preloaded loops and two tracks. You’re able to add up to eight layers of sound in a loop and up to ten channels in a track.

TiM Fractions 1 ( $1.99 → Free ) David Mcclintock TiM Fractions 1 uses videos to break down fractions. There are 36 instructional videos, along with 11 quizzes. You can have up to ten learners per device so multiple students can use the app. The app has no-frills but full of useful math knowledge.

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