Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 05/11/2024

Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 05/11/2024

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DreamRizz: Manifest AI , Hazmat Hijinks ® , Clumsy Bomb and more


DreamRizz: Manifest AI ( $99.99 → Free ) Virgin Media LLC DreamRizz tailors tunes specifically for you. Use the app to boost your productivity and ignite your passion. You can find that perfect soundtrack to get you in the mood for work, the gym, or sleeping. DreamRizz will help you choose a sound for whatever you’re feeling at the time.

Hazmat Hijinks ® ( $1.99 → Free ) National Spork LLC Hanford’s pet fox has been kidnapped by the Cleaners. Don multicolored hazmat suits and travel through dangerous locales to rescue his furry friend. You’re able to move around the environments via a single directional pad at the bottom of the screen. Each of the 96 levels has its own set of challenges to overcome and secrets to discover.

Clumsy Bomb ( $1.99 → Free ) Digital Hole Pvt. Ltd. Tap the little bomb who loves to bounce to survive as long as possible. The faster you tap the higher you’ll go. Be careful not to hit the spikes as you bounce back and forth.

AR Spiders ( $1.99 → Free ) Joachim Mertens AR Spiders will totally bug you out. It allows you to place different spiders in the real world and interact with them with stomps and swipes. You’re also able to record your interactions and share them to spook your friends. AR Spiders includes a separate sticker pack as well.

PlunderChess ( $0.99 → Free ) White Horse Games, LLC PlunderChess is played on a normal chess board, following the same rules but with a twist. In this version of chess you can plunder pieces. Plundering occurs when a chess piece captures an opposing piece and acquires additional moving capabilities from the piece it just captured. This gives extra strength and power to this piece that can be used one time on any future move. You can use it on the next move or save it for later in the game. Plundering is optional and can be declined by the player that makes the capture. You’re able to play against the computer or choose from a variation of puzzle packs.

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