Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 04/06/2021

Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 04/06/2021

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PhotoTangler Collage Maker , Light | Long Exposure , Split Wizard: Share Bills Payments Group Expenses and more


Light | Long Exposure ( $0.99 → Free ) Alexander Sukhanov Lightmatic allows you to capture motion as a single event. Tap the shutter button to open it up and allow some time to pass before closing it. Anything in motion will become a beautiful blur of color while the rest of the image will remain intact. You’ll either need a steady hand or a place to mount your iPhone, otherwise the entire image will blur. You can utilize a set of headphones to open and close the shutter to avoid unnecessary movements. After capturing a photo you’re able to adjust the contrast, brightness, and saturation. The app also includes a timer, grid, and two aspect ratios to choose from.

Split Wizard: Share Bills Payments Group Expenses ( $1.99 → Free ) Alberto Betella No matter how simple or complex the bill, Split Wizard will help ensure everyone pays their fair share. Start off by entering the total bill amount, how many people are included, and the quality of the service to determine the tip total. You’ll then see the amount everyone has to pay including tip. If you don’t want to deal with exact change, tap the up arrow in the bottom left corner to round up the bill. Split Wizard also allows you to split bills between multiple people with different expenses. It includes four currencies to choose from, two rounding options, and two decimal separation options.


PhotoTangler Collage Maker ( $2.99 → Free ) Kurt Miller PhotoTangler doesn’t require any professional photo editing experience to achieve great results. Simply import related photos or take new ones from within the app. You’re able to crop photos down if necessary. PhotoTangler will automatically apply a fade, which can be adjusted in a variety of ways. Layer as many photos as you like before finishing off your work of art with a background color and text.

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