Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 03/24/2020

Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 03/24/2020

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SnoreGym : Reduce Your Snoring , Buddy & Me: Dream Edition , Arcane Tower and more


Dr. PetPlay ( $2.99 → Free ) Brent Engels Dr. PetPlay is the type of app you only wish you had when you were a kid. It allows your little ones to play doctor with their stuffed animals. They’re able to accept all kinds of patients, ranging from kittens to dinosaurs, and do complete checkups on them. They can take profile photos, check temperatures, view x-rays, and record their weight and other properties. Patient records can be saved for follow-ups down the road. Just hand that iPad off and let your child’s imagination run wild.


SnoreGym : Reduce Your Snoring ( $3.99 → Free ) Reviva Softworks Ltd One of the main causes of snoring is weak muscles in the mouth area. SnoreGym can help get snoring under control by working out your tongue, soft palate, cheek, and jaw muscles. Each exercise includes detailed instructions, easy to follow animations, and helpful tips. It’s recommended that you perform the workouts for at least 10 minutes each day for eight or more weeks. SnoreGym also includes progress tracking and the ability to sync with SnoreLab, the developer’s popular snore tracking app.

Buddy & Me: Dream Edition ( $1.99 → Free ) Sunbreak Games, LLC Buddy & Me oozes style and charm. Play as a young boy who returns to the same dream to hang out with his floppy-eared best friend, Buddy. Run, jump, bounce, glide, and fly through the enchanted forest collecting stars and avoiding obstacles. Buddy and other adorable creatures will come to your aid when you fall or need to traverse large chasms. The game includes randomly generated levels, loads of unlockable content, and online leaderboards.

Arcane Tower ( $0.99 → Free ) Diego Cathalifaud The Arcane Tower holds the power to defeat all evil in the kingdom. As a lone brave wizard, it’s up to you to take up arms and storm the tower to bring peace to the land. Swipe to move from tile to tile, and tackle enemies to attack them. Runes randomly litter the rooms, and you can swipe to bump into them to obtain their powers. Keep in mind that you’re only allowed to grab up to three runes in each room. Reach the stairs to move on to the next room. The game includes randomly generated maps, daily challenges, and the ability to watch replays of the top players.

5th Grade Reading ( $2.99 → Free ) Peekaboo Studios LLC 5th Grade Reading allows children to learn anywhere. It features an assortment of stories and historical texts that can be read through at any pace. At the end of each passage your child will be asked a series of questions to find out how well they understood what they read. The results can be reviewed and shared via email. The app also includes support for multiple children or students, and password protection.

Heads Up! ( $0.99 → Free ) Warner Bros. Heads Up! will have no problem getting any party started. This hilarious guessing game can be played with a single friend or one hundred. All you have to do is split up into teams and then pick a category. The game starts when you put your iDevice up to your forehead facing your team, and you have 60 seconds to guess what’s on each card based on the clues your teammates provide. If you guess correctly, tilt your iDevice down to score it. If you want to pass, tilt it up. After each round you’re able to see your final score. The game includes seven categories to choose from, with additional categories available via in-app purchase.

Breathing Zone ( $3.99 → Free ) Breathing Zone Breathing Zone comes highly recommended today because it won’t chew up a lot of your time. All you need is five minutes. Set your target breathing rate and let Breathing Zone guide you through the process. You're able to follow along with six different guide sounds and either a female or male voice. You can also choose from six different visual guides. Before you know it, you'll be in a perfectly relaxed state! The app includes landscape support, a breath analyzer that utilizes your microphone, timed sessions from five to 60 minutes, and weekly targets to achieve.

Wildfulness: Meditate & Relax ( $2.99 → Free ) Wild Ventures Wildfulness allows you to spend some time among the trees. It includes 10 animated and beautifully hand drawn scenes to choose from. The high quality 3-D soundscapes provide a truly immersive experience. You’ll have no issue finding something for every mood. The app also includes a handy timer, and HealthKit integration.

Power Grounds ( $0.99 → Free ) Diego Cathalifaud In Power Grounds, every move is a matter of life and death. Swipe to move across the temple floor and activate different magical powers. As you move, so do your enemies. Tap to cast a spell while over a power tile and destroy your enemies before they’re able to attack. The game includes randomly generated maps, an endless arena mode, and online leaderboards.

Amber Halls ( $1.99 → Free ) Diego Cathalifaud Amber Halls is a mix of roguelike and sokoban. Swipe to move around the halls and tap to attack your enemies. Try to avoid being cornered because your enemies move as you move. You’re able to take artifacts and treasures with you from hall to hall in order to improve your odds of survival. Collect the gems to climb the leaderboards. The game also includes daily quests.

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