Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 03/23/2020

Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 03/23/2020

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Food Pals , Waking Violet , Kotoro and more


Hindsight - Time Tracker ( $2.99 → Free ) Ehsan Rezaie Hindsight allows you to track the occurrences of anything and everything you wish. Each entry simply needs a title and a record of its first occurrence. Hindsight will then start a timer and keep it running while you’re away. Whenever an event takes place, swipe to record it. Alerts can be set up as well based on the time elapsed between occurrences. Each event includes detailed history and a histogram that can reveal patterns.


Vittle: Smart Whiteboard Video ( $9.99 → Free ) Qrayon, LLC Vittle is a powerful creative tool. It allows you to create professional-quality screencasts that can be shared in a variety of ways. Images can be imported from your camera roll and annotated using the developer’s silky smooth proprietary Inkflow Engine. Objects can be resized and zoomed in on, and you’re able to describe for your audience what’s happenings on the screen since everything can be recorded. Videos can be saved or shared via YouTube.


Food Pals ( $3.99 → Free ) WONDERFUL LASERS In Food Pals, the buddy system is a matter of life and death. Go running across platforms collecting stars, dodging obstacles, and avoiding hungry enemies in an attempt to reach the finish line. Rescue your food pals along the way by adding them to your ever-growing conga line. Be careful since the longer the line, the more difficult it will be to keep them all together. The game includes 38 levels, iCloud support, and haptic feedback.

Waking Violet ( $2.99 → Free ) Mixedbag Srl Violet is a shy teen who just wants to be grown up, but she’s stuck within a dream from which she can’t wake. Travel through complex labyrinths solving puzzles by moving objects and casting spells. If you make a mistake or fail a puzzle, you’re able to simply rewind the move and try again. Waking Violet includes 42 levels, MFi support, iMessage stickers, and Apple TV support.

Kotoro ( $2.99 → Free ) Semidome Inc. Kotoro is an atmospheric puzzle game about mixing colors. You’re put in control of a white circle, and your job is to guide it through other colored circles to mix them and create the target color at the top of the screen. No circle is allowed to remain unmixed, but you can combine two of the same colors to satisfy the requirement. The game includes a total of eight chapters, 96 puzzles with different concepts like subtraction, replication, and time, and achievements and leaderboards via Game Center.

Marvin The Cube ( $1.99 → Free ) MJ Bros s.c. Marvin is a lonely little cube who just wants to find where he belongs in this massive universe. Help him discover his true identity by navigating more than 170 puzzling levels. Marvin can be moved with horizontal and vertical swipes. Your job is to get him to the green portals using various interactive tiles. An in-game encyclopedia provides descriptions for all of the tiles you encounter throughout the game, ensuring you’ll always find a solution to each puzzle. Marvin can also take on all kinds of different looks and identities.

Dig Deep! ( $1.99 → Free ) Noodlecake Dig Deep is one of those games that will keep you coming back for more thanks to its randomly generated environments. Play as Roger and dig deep into ancient planets in search of gold. All you have to do is tap to change direction and avoid deadly traps. After each mining expedition you’re able to upgrade your gear and recruit new miners. Dig Deep is also loaded with side missions to complete, a bumping chiptune soundtrack, and the ability to compete with friends in the online leaderboards.

Breeze: Realistic Wind Chimes ( $0.99 → Free ) clinton downs Breeze includes seven different chimes to choose from, and you can interact with each one by sliding your finger across the screen. You're also able to add up to 14 different background sounds, change the weather, and switch between eight different scenes. The app includes a handful of other customization options as well like the ability to manipulate the wind strength, create a sleep timer, and adjust the ambient volume.

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