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February 29, 2016 by macjeff

Goal Streaks - Daily Goals & Habits Tracker , Tayasui Sketches+ , Once Upon a Mutant and more


WiFi Mouse Pro(Wireless Mouse/Trackpad/Keyboard) ( $2.99 → FREE )

WiFi Mouse is more than a wireless mouse. It acts as your computer control center. It supports multi-finger gestures, allowing you to swipe and tap with up to four fingers to perform different actions. It's also a full-screen keyboard with programmable hot keys. Lefties will appreciate the ability to swap buttons on the fly.


Goal Streaks - Daily Goals & Habits Tracker ( $4.99 → FREE )

Goal Streaks helps you create positive habits. You're able to add and track as many goals as you like. When adding a goal, you must define the regular activity that will get you there. For example, if you want to get fit, your goal may be to attend the gym at least three times each week. Whenever you complete an activity, simply tap on the day and you'll be able to visualize your streak. All activity can be viewed on a full screen calendar that operates in both portrait and landscape orientations.

Tayasui Sketches+ ( $4.99 → FREE )

Tayasui Sketches artfully mixes simplicity and power to provide you with the perfect canvas. It offers a wide variety of art creation tools including felt and ink pens, watercolor and acrylic brushes, an airbrush gun, and oil pastel. Brushes and pens can be edited in a variety of ways, and you're able to layer your strokes to create depth. What really makes Tayasui Sketches stand out, however, is its stylus support. It allows anyone with a Wacom, Hex, Adonit, Pencil by 53, and Pogo Connect stylus to add strokes that change their angle and width based on pressure.

Once Upon a Mutant ( $0.99 → FREE )

This colorful rhyming storybook will have any child hooked. When a young boy wanders into a small town he has no business being in, the mutants take exception. But after a while he wears down their tough facades and shows them the importance of acceptance and kindness. Your child can follow along with the narrator or they can enjoy the story on their own.

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