Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 01/10/2021

Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 01/10/2021

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Trivia Fight: Quiz Game , World of Dinosaurs , mod ZERO and more


mod ZERO ( $1.99 → Free ) Neel Makhecha mod ZERO provides fun for the whole family. Pins with numbers attached to them line the bottom of the screen. It’s up to you to select the pins which can divide the numbers contained within the bubbles streaming down the screen in order to pop them. Incorrect guesses will cost you pins, and if a bubble reaches the bottom it’s game over. mod Zero includes six levels with varying gameplay, online leader boards, and the ability to compete locally against friends and family.


Trivia Fight: Quiz Game ( $10.99 → Free ) Trivia Games ApS Trivia Fight allows you to find out just who is the smartest amongst friends and family. Send a personal invite to another player or challenge someone at random. Pick a category and let the battle begin. Each round consists of seven questions that you must try to answer as quickly and accurately as possible. Then step into the arena and watch as the results are played out through a boxing match. Each victory will help you climb the leaderboards and bank coins, which can be used for lifelines and time extensions. Trivia Fight includes loads of categories, seven characters, and real-time chat.

World of Dinosaurs ( $2.99 → Free ) WORLD OF DINOSAURS sWorld of Dinosaurs will satisfy your dino curiosity. It includes an extensive A to Z list of dinosaur species. Each entry includes artwork, pronunciation, size and size comparisons, the period in which the dinosaur lived, location, and description. You’re also able to analyze the anatomy of a T.Rex, interact with dinosaurs in augmented reality, discover fun facts, send dino stickers, and even place random dinosaurs on your home screen via widgets.

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