Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 01/09/2021

Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 01/09/2021

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Crypto Pie , Proverbs & Sayings Master , AR Spiders and more


Crypto Pie ( $3.99 → Free ) Too Much Wasabi, LLC Crypto Pie aims to fill in the blanks. Whether you’re new to cryptocurrency or want to learn advanced components, you’ll find everything you need all in one place. The app includes four main categories and more than 125 terms. Each term includes audio pronunciations and the ability to jump to related terms. You’re also able to choose from three unique icon designs.

Proverbs & Sayings Master ( $1.99 → Free ) MasterKey Games Sayings Master allows you to improve your language skills in an entertaining way. In each level you’re presented with a collection of words that must be unscrambled. Tap on the words in the correct order before time expires to move on to the next. Each mistake will cost you precious seconds, so move quickly but efficiently. The game also includes an online multiplayer mode, and achievements and leaderboards.

AR Spiders ( $1.99 → Free ) Joachim Mertens AR Spiders will totally bug you out. It allows you to place different spiders in the real world and interact with them with stomps and swipes. You’re also able to record your interactions and share them to spook your friends. AR Spiders includes a separate sticker pack as well.

Outgoings - Track Expenses ( $3.99 → Free ) Gianpeppino Frangiamore Outgoings helps you take control of your paid subscriptions. Each outgoing expense can be customized with a unique icon, tag, duration, and frequency. Outgoings will calculate the total amount going out for the day, week, month, and year, and you’re able to view this information right on your home screen via customizable widgets. Outgoings includes more than 150 logos and icons to choose from, iCloud syncing, multiple sorting and filtering options, and five icons.

Metadata ( $1.99 → Free ) Tom Coomer Metadata provides an easy way for photographers to extract metadata from photos. You’re able to choose any photo from your camera roll or iCloud Drive. Information like the photo’s dimensions, DPI, size, location, time, altitude, device info, and even weather will be neatly displayed across multiple cards. All of this information can be shared with just a tap.

Tiny Tanks! ( $0.99 → Free ) Owen Davis-Bower Tiny Tanks is pure arcade goodness. You’re able to hone your skills by battling through 50 single player levels featuring upgradable tanks and eight unique enemies. Then challenge friends to one vs. one battles on the same device. Tiny Tanks includes three single player modes, two control options, and full stat tracking.

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