Democrats and Republicans will Have Fun with Mr Trumpy

Democrats and Republicans will Have Fun with Mr Trumpy

May 06, 2016 by macjeff

Reviewed by MC

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Are you a Democrat? A Republican? This is one time when it doesn’t matter. Mr Trumpy lets everyone have fun with this lighthearted approach to the current political season.

Free through the iTunes Store, this app is a fun twist on the popular run-jump gaming format.


The idea of a run-jump-fly format for an app is anything but new, but this app takes the fun of this simple concept in gameplay to an all new level.

Mr Trumpy, by Scott Singer, gives players the fun of controlling the app’s main character through all of the levels of the app–a main character who is the the inspiration behind the name of the game.

However, despite his current political actions, Mr Trumpy is far from being a serious political app.

Instead, the app lets you control a comical character of “Mr Trumpy” through various levels of run-jump-fly mazes. Levels are appropriately difficult; it will probably take you awhile to get the hang of the speed of Mr. Trumpy, but it is doable.

Starting out, the pace of the challenges/obstacles of the app is definitely appropriate. In-app ads do play between games though, so these slow down your chance of getting into sort of rhythm of gameplay.

Appearance and Layout:

Mr Trumpy iPhone App Review

Mr Trumpy iPhone App Review

Graphics aren’t the strong point of this app, but a focus on appearance definitely isn’t the intent of this app either.

In-app character’s heads tend to look a bit blurry at times, but the identity of characters is never really in doubt; you can certainly tell who everyone is meant to represent in Mr Trumpy.

Likewise, the background graphics are nothing particularly praiseworthy, but this lack in detail doesn’t really detract from the overall focus of the app.

The layout of Mr Trumpy, on the other hand, does not leave any room for complaints. It’s easy to get around the app, and no introductory videos are needed at all.


This is a free app, but you “pay” for your entertainment with frequent ads. While it’s understood that free apps needs to be able to generate profit somehow, the frequency of these ads makes it hard to really get into a rhythm with the game; in-app ads tend to be pretty long video style ones, and you’re probably more likely to close the app instead of waiting around to try the level again.

Overall, Mr Trumpy is an entertaining little app, but it’s hard to recommend it over other similar run-jump games (unless, of course, you truly do love to get to be the one to control Mr Trump).

download (11)Mr Trumpy requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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