Best app deals of the day! 6 paid iPhone apps for free for a limited time

May 17, 2016 by macjeff

Everyone likes free apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive. Now and then, developers put paid apps on sale for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up fast. Here are the latest and greatest apps on sale in the iOS App Store.

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Log Your Work with iMedSuite

May 16, 2016 by macjeff


Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

iMedSuite by Ageant Medical Pty Ltd is a group of medical apps all geared towards improving the workflow of physicians.

For busy doctors iMedSuite makes it easier than ever before to stay organized throughout the day.


iMedSuite is an app that certainly offers a lot of features all in one convenient location. Specifically, users can use the “iCallLog” section of the suite to record all of their working hours, keeping detailed records regarding specific conversations and consultations on specific patients.

A separate app, iProcLog, is designed to help interns and residents document their fulfillment of various tasks more easily as well.

Printing out documents for medical charts is also an option through these apps. The interface of iCallLog is simple enough to make these notes on patients relatively quickly.

iMedSuite iPhone App

iMedSuite iPhone App

We definitely see the advantages of this well designed app in many situations.

However, most hospitals and clinics requiring in-house charting for patient medical records to be completed on the hospital’s electronic medical records system. Thus, taking even this little time to make your own notation in your own app might seem like an unnecessary additional step.

Additionally, with current HIPAA requirements being as they are, any users of iMedSuite would definitely need assurance that the information stored within the app is very secure at all times; recording patient information in a personal app may be a potentially problematic situation.

Appearance and Layout:

iMedSuite is a simply designed app. It offers its users a clean, minimalistic interface that is free of unnecessary distractions.

Setting up your account is easy to do, and navigating through the app is very intuitive. In-app graphics are basically kept to important labels only. I felt that the opening screen logo didn’t display well on the larger screen of a full iPad, but on an iPad mini it didn’t look blurry at all.

As a whole, the appearance and layout of iMedSuite can best be described as “functional.” While the graphics of the app are nothing to write home about, they also don’t really leave any room for complaints either.


As noted previously, iMedSuite is a free app, with additional optional companion app purchases also available through the iTunes Store.

The concept of this collection of apps is definitely an appreciated one; keeping a detailed log can be an important part of the medical field, both for protecting physician’s liabilities and for improving patient safety.

Whether or not use of iMedSuite can really help you save time in the long run probably really depends on the particular requirements of whatever hospital/clinic you happen to work in yourself.

Most hospitals all have their own electronic medical record requirements regarding documentation of patient services, and these documentations would most likely be completely separate from your use of this app.

Because of this, if the hospital you work in has its own system, it’s hard to imagine how residents or other physicians would have time to really utilize iMedSuite in addition to in-house documentation requirements during their already busy schedules.

imed-qriMedSuite requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedited fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 05/16/2016

May 16, 2016 by macjeff

King of Math 2: Full Game , Where Angels Cry HD (Full) , Where Angels Cry (Full) and more


Where Angels Cry (Full) ( $4.99 → FREE )

Your secret mission involves searching through a remote medieval monastery to not only find Brother John but also uncover the mystery behind the weeping statue. You must interrogate the inhabitants, complete challenging tasks, and solve perplexing puzzles. The game includes seven locations to explore, three difficulty settings, 18 mini-games, and achievements via Game Center.

iArrow ( $2.99 → FREE )

You must first set your target coordinates by selecting a point on the map or entering a specific address. You’re also able to set targets by simply holding your finger on the arrow. Then walk away and the app will indicate the direction and distance from which you came. The app includes two methods of location discovery, more than 2 million locations to choose from, the ability to share your coordinates, and loads of additional information like speed, altitude, bearing, and heading.


King of Math 2: Full Game ( $1.99 → FREE )

Start out by selecting one of the six avatars, and level up your character by answering math problems as quickly and accurately as possible. Each problem is presented on a separate page and includes up to four multiple choice answers, allowing you to easily focus on the task at hand. At the end of each round you’ll be scored and given a rating, which can be compared with players all over the world. The game includes 125 stages to enjoy.

Zero+ ( $0.99 → FREE )

The basic gameplay mechanics in Zero are simple enough. You must slide positive and negative numbered tiles around the board in order to achieve zero. The first few levels consist of just ones and twos, but things get crazy pretty quickly when large numbers and new kinds of modifier tiles enter the mix. Also, keep in mind that tiles won’t stop sliding unless they run into something. The game includes a total of 120 levels.

Where Angels Cry HD (Full) ( $6.99 → FREE )

Your secret mission involves searching through a remote medieval monastery to not only find Brother John but also uncover the mystery behind the weeping statue. You must interrogate the inhabitants, complete challenging tasks, and solve perplexing puzzles. The game includes seven locations to explore, three difficulty settings, 18 mini-games, and achievements via Game Center.

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Gradient wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and desktop

May 15, 2016 by macjeff

Sunday arrives with a fresh set of device images for the Wallpapers of the Week section. One of the site’s most anticipated weekly posts, aims to bring you new device-specific wallpapers. There are a myriad of images amongst the vast Internet, but we ensure they are photo quality and perfectly scaled for your iOS, and sometimes desktop, devices.

The section is completed with images found around the Web, submitted to us directly, or stumbled upon through Twitter. Today, we highlight a long-time iDB fan favorite wallpaper creator, Jason Zigrino. Step inside for his latest.

Gradient wallpapers

This week, Zigrino created the “Plus +” wallpaper set as an exclusive for iDB. The collection includes images for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and desktops. A gradient style, the wallpapers include tiny “+” icons in a gridded pattern to provide a bit of depth. When asked about his inspiration for the collection he referenced the recent outcry over the new Instagram icon.

You can find the full Plus + collection for download in a Zip file on Zigrino’s DeviantArt page or browse the full gallery, including 5K options. Additionally, follow him on Twitter via @JasonZigrino for his latest creations.

If you would like to participate in the curation of iDB’s Wallpapers of the Week, then catch up with me on Twitter via @jim_gresham. Send me your tips or original submissions! The next post could be thanks to you!

Download Plus + Envy:

Apple Watch | iPhone | iPad (9.7″ or smaller) | Desktop (1920 x 1080)

Download Plus + Fire:

Apple Watch | iPhone | iPad (9.7″ or smaller) | Desktop (1920 x 1080)

Download Plus + Galaxy:

Apple Watch | iPhone | iPad (9.7″ or smaller) | Desktop (1920 x 1080)

Download Plus + Inferno:

Apple Watch | iPhone | iPad (9.7″ or smaller) | Desktop (1920 x 1080)

Download Plus + Lotus:

Apple Watch | iPhone | iPad (9.7″ or smaller) | Desktop (1920 x 1080)

Download Plus + Sky:

Apple Watch | iPhone | iPad (9.7″ or smaller) | Desktop (1920 x 1080)

Download Plus + Slate:

Apple Watch | iPhone | iPad (9.7″ or smaller) | Desktop (1920 x 1080)

Download Plus + Tranquil:

Apple Watch | iPhone | iPad (9.7″ or smaller) | Desktop (1920 x 1080)

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The best iPhone and iPad apps for scanning documents

May 15, 2016 by macjeff

The App Store has over a million and a half apps. This can make it difficult to find apps, especially if you are looking for the best one for a certain task. So to help out, we are taking a look at countless scanning apps in order to find the best one for iPhone and iPad. For our ranking, we look at a number of different criteria. We consider ease of use, speed of capturing an image, sharing options, OCR (optical character recognition), edge detection, and any unique features they may have.



Scanbot is my favorite scanning application that I have tested. It is a combination of expectational UI with the largest collection of features. There are a lot of little touches that I love. For instance, when you pull down on your library, it will jump to the camera with a nice animation. There is still the plus button, but it just shows the attention to detail.

Included in the free version is the scanner (which handles documents, QR codes, barcodes, and more), workflows, document edge detection, perspective correction, auto upload, and multi page support. That is a lot just for a free version but even more advanced features are baked into it with the purchase of pro.

The pro version includes folders, OCR (text recognition), edit and signing capabilities, Touch ID, naming templates that can even be based on calendar events or locations, smart naming automation, themes, quick actions (like making a phone call to a number on a business card), and full-text search.

By default, when you open the app, you are immediately in the scanner ready to capture an image. This can be disabled if you prefer to land in your library instead. Not only does this make it fast to scan something, but the whole app is very fast. The slowest part is OCR, but that still takes an understandable amount of time.

My biggest problem with Scanbot, is that it could be too many features for some users. It could make it confusing. For instance, you can tap the 3 dots in the top right corner, and hit share to bring up the share sheet. Or you can hit the workflow icon on the bottom, then the share button to pull up the same share sheet. Options are nice, but duplicate methods can be overwhelming.

Scanbot does more than you can ask for, giving you a wide variety of features I can’t even touch on in these few paragraphs. If you want the best scanning app for iPhone or iPad, you can’t go wrong with Scanbot. Plus, with the free version you can try it out before committing.

  • Device Support: iPad Pro 12", iPad, iPhone
  • OCR: Yes
  • Automatic Edge Detection: Yes
  • Sharing Options: iCloud Drive and standard Share Sheet options
  • Notable Features: Sign, highlight, comment, and lock individual documents. Naming template is very robust, even recommending names based on tags, location, or your calendar. It scans QR codes and bar codes on top of documents and images. It includes Touch ID integration to lock application.
  • Cost: Free (Pro version $4.99 via in app purchase)

Scanner Pro 7

Scanner Pro 7 from Readdle is a great scanning application with quite a few pro level features. Readdle is known for a host of different productivity apps including PDF Expert, Printer Pro, and Calendars. Scanner Pro fits right into their wheel house and compliments the other applications they support.

One unique feature is Radar. Other applications we have looked at have access to your photo library, but Radar goes through those images, looks for documents, receipts, business cards, etc and selects the document on them. It then displays the documents in a timeline of when you’ve taken them. It obviously doesn’t always get this right, often selecting images that don’t have documents at all, but it is right enough of the time.

Workflows are also a neat feature. It allows you to tie multiple actions together. So as an example, I could create a workflow that would rename the document with the current date and time, move it to the receipts folder in dropbox, and import to my expenses notebook inside Evernote. That way when I take a picture of a receipt, it goes to my shared dropbox folder with my accountant, my personal expenses in Evernote, and renamed to the date I scanned it.

There are some features that I’m missing in the app, namely the ability to annotate, sign, or comment on the documents themselves. However, while it doesn’t support this natively, PDF Expert 5 from Readdle does have these features. So they can sell you two apps instead of one to take care of all these features and much more. One last thing I kind of wished I could see, was a barcode/QR scanner. It is still a scanning app, and it would be nice to include both features in one app instead of needing a QR scanner on the occasional times I need it.

  • Device Support: iPad, iPhone
  • OCR: Yes
  • Automatic Edge Detection: Yes
  • Sharing Options: iCloud and standard Share Sheet options including other Readdle apps
  • Notable Features: Radar will automatically scan you photo library for documents to import. Workflows that allow you to perform multiple actions at once.
  • Cost: $3.99


Scannable is an offering brought to us for free, from Evernote. The idea is you can simply and easily scan notes, documents, or business cards and bring it into Evernote. It is best used if you want to scan a document quickly to immediately send to someone, or to Evernote.

It unfortunately doesn’t have much built in storage, only allowing you to keep the last 30 days worth of documents in the app itself. Outside that, you must either import them to Evernote, share them with someone, or transfer to your Camera Roll.

One particularly neat feature is you can scan a business card, and it will search LinkedIn for their profile, and import that information into your contacts. If you happen to have an Evernote edition of the ScanSnap scanner, you can feed documents from there, directly to the app.

The part I am missing from the app is the ability to store documents, but clearly they are trying to encourage use of Evernote, which is their core product. It is also lacking more advanced features like OCR, color correction and image editing.

Scannable really shines as a super quick and simple scan-and-share application. There is no extra fluff or confusing controls. When you open the app the only option is to scan something, or choose an item on the bottom that you recently scanned.

  • Device Support: iPad, iPhone
  • OCR: No
  • Automatic Edge Detection: Yes
  • Sharing Options: Standard Share Sheet options
  • Notable Features: Connect to ScanSnap scanner instead of using your devices camera. Import business cards into contacts, including LinkedIn information. Fast and simple.
  • Cost: Free

Honorable Mentions

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is an admirable scanning app, but still isn’t on the level of the others on this list. It doesn’t have automatic edge detection while scanning, but will show you its best edge guesses when viewing after. If the edges are correct you can accept them, or move them manual.

The layout of the app is clean and modern, with a yellow theme running throughout. It fits on the iPad Pro natively, but I feel they could better use the real estate. Tags are also nice ability, you can swipe open the menu from the left and see any documents you have in each category. So I could see all business cards, all recipes, etc.

There is a pro version available called Genius Scan+ that unlocked more export options like AirPrint, Evernote, Dropbox, and more. Touch ID, auto upload, and smart document names are also touted features. These are also useful features, but unfortunately it is also one of the more expensive on the list at $6.99. Luckily the standard version is free if you don’t need any of these options.


This app is another one that works well, just not well enough. The app scans to both PDF and JPEG. It has automatic edge detection which worked very well in my testing. It even can correct for perspective, though if you are at an extreme angle it does look a little funny.

Once a scan is taken, you do have options for black and white, color, or a straight document scan. You can even adjust the levels of those color options, including saturation and contrast. If you bring in a PDF that needs to be signed, you can actually save your signature in the app, then simply hit the signature button to insert and place it anywhere on the document. This is very fast and handy.

iScanner is free, though a pro version brings unlimited documents, cloud backups, batch scan, AirPrint, and no ads. It is only $3.99 which isn’t breaking the bank, but it still lacks features of the better apps on our list. Notably, OCR and more advanced editing are crucial features for pro users.


That covers all our top recommendations for the best scanning apps for iPhone and iPad. That said, there are so many more out there. We only touched the surface of the undoubtedly hundreds of other options. Do you know of one that we didn’t cover? Or of the ones listed, do you favor one over the others? Let us know your thoughts and recommendations below

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