Sfara Guardian Is a Feature-Rich Personal Safety App for iPhone

Sfara Guardian Is a Feature-Rich Personal Safety App for iPhone

May 16, 2018 by RSS Feed

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

It’s an unfortunate truth, but you can never be too careful in today’s world. Personal safety is something that should be at the top of everyone’s list, no matter how old/young you are or where you live.

Sfara Guardian Personal Safety is an outstanding free app that makes it incredibly easy to turn your phone into an enhanced safety device. This is truly one app that everyone should have.

Concept and Functionality:

The goal of Sfara Guardian, by Driversiti, is to provide users with an overwhelming sense of safety by providing a wide variety of features that are easy to use.

In order to start using Sfara Guardian you’ll need to create an account and connect your phone number to the service. You’ll also need to enable location services (make sure it’s set to “Always On”) so the app will always have your GPS coordinates in case emergency services are called.

Once the app is set up, you’ll immediately feel safer. Finding your way around Sfara Guardian is a breeze, and I really love the fact that everything you need to access is one or two taps away.

From the main screen you can place an immediate call to emergency services, activate crash monitoring if you’re driving, or use the safety checkpoint feature and have the app ask for your pin at a specific time.

From automatic drive monitoring to the safety checkpoint tool, Sfara Guardian has all bases covered in case of emergency.

If you’re caring for older parents or grandparents who still drive, put this app on their iPhone and don’t take no for an answer!

The app even has a pending patent for “triple tap technology”, which allows you to discreetly contact emergency services while the safety checkpoint timer is running by patting your phone three times.


Sfara Guardian Personal Safety iPhone App

Though a few of the safety features in Sfara Guardian require a monthly subscription, you may find that it’s worth the price for peace of mind.

Free tools include roadside assistance, fake calling, a report card for driving habits, and quick access to a list of the closest emergency centers.

Services included in the monthly or annual subscription include crash monitoring, the checkpoint timer, and enhanced roadside assistance.

The primary reason for Sfara Guardian using a subscription-based platform is because the app connects you to real emergency personnel when something is wrong.

From what I understand, these professionals work as a middleman between you and local emergency services, and they’re trained to assess and handle emergency situations. Unfortunately I couldn’t test this for the review, but I would feel safe using the app myself.


Sfara Guardian is available to download from the App Store for free and is designed for iPhone. Subscription plans are $4.99 monthly or $59.99 annually, which is a very reasonable price if you rely on the app every day. There’s a 7 day trial period so you can take advantage of everything Sfara Guardian offers.

Overall, Sfara Guardian is a fantastic safety app that definitely gives you peace of mind. Whether you choose to stick with free features or commit to the full version, this is an app that’s worth a try.

Sfara Guardian Personal Safety requires iOS 10.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone.

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