Neil – Personal Curator AI Easily Finds the News You Care About

Neil – Personal Curator AI Easily Finds the News You Care About

January 12, 2018 by RSS Feed

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Artificial Intelligence, often referred to as simply “AI”, is coming up more and more as a way to improve or add capabilities to familiar processes.

Neil – Personal Curator AI is a noteworthy new arrival in the newsreader category that provides the best stories for you based on your interests.

Offered for free through the iTunes Store, buddying up with Neil in your iOS apps is one easy way to easily access numerous articles on topics you care about.


Just as advertised, Neil – Personal Curator AI, from BPU Holding, is an app that aims to take the work out of finding news articles that interest you.

Setting up your account is incredibly simple; the AI bot guides you through literally every step of the process, providing helpful advice on how to voice your preferences in order to get the most curated experience possible.

Users can choose to link their previously existing social media accounts to further curate their article feed if desired as well. Articles can be discovered through opening up the app or through daily notifications from Neil; favorites can be bookmarked for later referencing or can even be shared with friends.

The real difference between this app and other curated news apps is the use AI-powered natural language as a way for you to express your interests to the app. This does make it somewhat easier to let the app know what topics you care about, although it’s hard to say if the result is any different than that from other news aggregators.

This app definitely does a good job of doing what it’s designed to do and claims to avoid fake news and clickbait articles. We can’t verify that but it sounds great so if you haven’t yet settled on a favorite news aggregator you would be well served to try Neil.

Appearance and Layout:

Neil – Personal Curator AI iPhone App

If “clean and simple” is a description for how you like your apps to appear, then you will find Neil’s layout to be exactly what you’re looking for.

However, while this minimalistic approach does make it fairly simple to navigate through the app, it would also be fair to mention that the graphics in this app are definitely kept to the bare minimum; anyone wanting a more visually stimulating source to bring them their news will probably not be very impressed with the presentation of Neil’s offerings.

Small icons at the bottom of your screen are your main way of getting around this app, and the AI presents a helpful introduction on how to get the most out of your app experience when you first start to use it.

Overall, the appearance and layout of Neil – Personal Curator AI are fine, keep the navigation and controls secondary to the content, and get the job done.


As mentioned previously, Neil – Personal Curator AI is a free app so trying it out is definitely pretty easy.

However, even though this “personal curator” is free, it would still be a stretch to rank its value very highly, when considering how other apps already offer the same or similar services.

We encourage you to try it and give it some time to learn your preferences. You may find that compared to other news apps on your iPhone, Neil does a better job of delivering the stories you actually want to read.

Neil – Personal Curator AI iPhone app requires iOS 10.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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