Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 12/05/2017

Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 12/05/2017

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Top Folders Pro - Scanner Plus , Week Calendar Widget Pro , Simpler Pro and more


Top Folders Pro - Scanner Plus ( $4.99 → Free ) Bassm Boles Top Folders image quality rivals any desktop scanner but without the bulk and large footprint. It’s perfect for all your scanning needs. Your scans can be edited, organized within folders, searched, and automatically uploaded to the cloud. You can even highlight text or add your digital signature to scans. Top folders can be your personal file manager as well thanks to its ability to import and read a wide range of other file types.

Week Calendar Widget Pro ( $1.99 → Free ) Crater Tech LLC Week Widget isn’t a standard calendar app in any way, shape, or form. It taps into your iDevice’s native calendar app in order to populate a Today view widget with everything that’s coming up on your schedule. When you launch the app itself, you’re greeted with ways to customize the look and content of the widget. Week Widget includes a day timeline, a week timeline, and the ability to scroll through days and weeks.

Simpler Pro ( $3.99 → Free ) YT Development Ltd If you're like most of iPhone users, you enter a new contact when needed and never think much more about the entry from there. However, on occasion, you may realize, somehow, your address book contains two entries of the same person or lacks a photo so that you can easily recognize who it is. These instances are when Simpler can bring a huge relief. Once authorized to access your current address book, Simpler identifies any redundant people and offers to merge the entries as well as can recognize if an entry is missing a portrait photo, then offers one up from another source, such as Facebook -- after asking for access permission, of course. Lastly, you can further protect your data or share it in bulk by allowing Simpler to export or backup the contacts database, either to Simpler’s secure servers, another popular cloud service, or just transferring the data using email.

Past Mistakes - Science Fiction dystopian Book app ( $0.99 → Free ) Jorge Caballero The future of the world is in your hands. Past Mistakes takes place in the 25th century. Ever since World War III, the Great Dictatorship has ruled civilization with an iron fist. Commissioner Collins, a veteran agent of the law, stumbles upon a time capsule that holds plans on how to build a time machine and the location of the tyrant who started the war. It’s up to you to choose the path that will correct the past and erase the dystopian present.

Tiggly Doctor: Spell Verbs and Perform Actions Like a Real Doctor ( $2.99 → Free ) Tiggly Your child gets to be a doctor for the day. The waiting room is full of patients with unique ailments who require your child’s attention. They’ll get to perform a series of operations like putting bones back in place, pulling dancing worms out of wounds, and much more all while building more than 200 verb

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