Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 09/11/2017

Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 09/11/2017

September 11, 2017 by RSS Feed

Fuel - Fuel Cost Calculator & MPG, Mileage Tracker , Pin Points - Flight, Driving Distance Calculator , Find My Car - GPS Auto Parking Reminder & Tracker and more


Fuel - Fuel Cost Calculator & MPG, Mileage Tracker ( $3.99 → Free ) Dennis Donner Before you do anything else, add at least one vehicle to the database. Fuel allows you to track multiple vehicles at once. When it’s time to fill up, simply choose one of the vehicles and record the mileage, price, and amount of fuel added. Fuel will calculate the rest for you. You’re also able to record any other vehicle-related expenses if necessary. All of your vehicle costs, fuel prices, and fuel consumption can be diagramed as well.

Find My Car - GPS Auto Parking Reminder & Tracker ( $1.99 → Free ) Dennis Donner Whenever you leave your car, set the marker to generate a point on the map. In addition to your vehicle’s location, you can also save a photo and notes. If you’re dealing with a parking meter, you can have Find My Car alert you when its nearing its expiration. When it’s time to return to your vehicle, Find My Car will show you the way. The app also works perfectly offline, and even allows you to share the location of your vehicle with a friend or family member.

Love Test Meter - Relationship Compatibility ( $0.99 → Free ) Tekton Technologies (P) Ltd. Love Test uses the power of numbers to determine compatibility between two people. Enter your name along with the name of the person you want to test compatibility with. If you’d rather use a shortened version of your first name or even a nickname, that’s fine. Use whatever name you go by. Then hit “Go” and watch the meter crank up.


Pin Points - Flight, Driving Distance Calculator ( $1.99 → Free ) Dennis Donner Pin Points allows you to create trips with multiple waypoints. Each trip can include any number of points. You’re able to add points by your current location, dropping a pin on the map, or address. Points can also be deleted and reordered at any time. When you’re finished adding points, tap calculate and you’ll be presented with the distance and time it takes to travel to each point by air, foot, or car. Your’e also able to visualize your trip and access it offline.

Handsy • Stickers for iMessage ( $0.99 → Free ) Bradley Ungar Messaging is about to get a little more hands-on. Handsy features more than 50 true hand photo stickers to slap on messages. You’re able to express yourself in a wide variety of ways including handing a beer to a friend or giving your enemies a finger. Just peel and stick.

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