Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 05/18/2017

Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 05/18/2017

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Knots 3D , American Almanac of Astronomy and Weather , FancyDays: Light Pro - Event Countdown and more


Knots 3D ( $1.99 → Free ) Nynix With Knots 3D, anyone can learn to tie a knot. You're able to watch each knot tie itself, and you can pause or adjust the speed of the animation at any time. You can also rotate each knot 360 degrees, and zoom in using multitouch gestures. Knots can be broken down by category or class, and they can be added to favorites for quick reference.

American Almanac of Astronomy and Weather ( $1.99 → Free ) National Spork LLC American Almanac of Astronomy and Weather is your guide to the cycles and seasons of nature. It features a long range weather forecast along with historical averages. You’re also able to observe sunrise and sunset times, moon phases, celestial events, garden planting dates, odd holidays, historical events, and even astrology data. A favorites section allows you to get a glimpse at the data that matters most.

FancyDays: Light Pro - Event Countdown ( $1.99 → Free ) Feng Mi FancyDays allows you to create an unlimited number of events to count down to. When adding a new event, you’re able to set the category it belongs to and give it a custom background in order to help tell it apart. Each event in your list displays the days remaining until it occurs. You’re able to keep tabs on events through a widget or on your Apple Watch. The app includes passcode protection, iCloud support, 3D Touch support, and multiple themes to choose from.

Mind the Gap! Learn English Language – not just Grammar and Vocabulary ( $0.99 → Free ) science-to-touch Mind the Gap takes authentic English text and cuts out words. It’s up to you to reconstruct the missing fragments by trying to understand the context of each sentence. After you’ve done your best, allow Mind the Gap to go over your answers and provide feedback. You can look up unfamiliar words in the dictionary so you don’t make the same mistake twice and go over your personal stats. Mind the Gap includes 15 subject areas and more than 500 pieces of text to work through.

Wrestle Jump ( $0.99 → Free ) Otto-Ville Ojala Your wrestlers are joined at the arms, and you're put in control of their legs. Try to tap the button on your side of the screen at just the right moment to gain an advantage and smash your opponent. The first to five smashes wins. The game includes a single-player mode, an endless mode, loads of crazy levels, the ability to watch and record replays, and achievements and leaderboards via Game Center

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