Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 01/09/2018

Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 01/09/2018

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Wake N Shake Alarm Clock , Pattern – Design Drawing , NoLocation - Remove exif data from photos and more


Wake N Shake Alarm Clock ( $1.99 → Free ) Andres Canella You'll get a taste of what Wake N Shake is all about the moment you launch the app. During the tutorial, it will ask you to furiously shake your iDevice just to get to the main screen. Don’t give up. There’s no way around this just like the real alarm. From there you can access the alarm clock, social, music, and settings menus with swipes in different directions. The app includes all kinds of alarm tones to choose from, achievements and leaderboards, a sleep timer, and the ability to adjust the shake intensity.

NoLocation - Remove exif data from photos ( $3.99 → Free ) Jackson Cole NoLocation allows you to quickly and easily remove EXIF data from your photos. The data can be removed from new photos taken within NoLocation, or you can import any photo from your library. Keep in mind that NoLocation doesn’t overwrite the original photo. It simply makes a copy of the photo without any of the EXIF data included.


Pattern – Design Drawing ( $2.99 → Free ) Andrew Chung Pattern is a blank canvas for your app and website designs. You’re able to choose from four different templates: Phone, Tablet, Browser, and Watch. The app includes eight different UI shapes for creating placeholder text, images, table views, and columns, which can be added to the templates via basic two-finger gestures. Pattern also allows you to freely draw on the canvas, snap to the grid, and cut, copy, and paste.


Cleaning Checklist: Kondo ( $4.99 → Free ) Linebreak LLC Kondo is your cleaning checklist. It allows you to create separate lists for the areas of your home and prioritize the most important tasks. Room names are pre-defined, but they can be edited to better suit your home. Kondo also includes a task library, making it easy to come up with and schedule your tasks. Tasks can be repeated at various intervals, and the main dashboard allows you to keep track of your cleaning progress.

eSignLive - Sign Documents Now ( $32.99 → Free ) Silanis eSignLive is the market leader in e-signatures thanks to its ease of use and security. Either connect an existing eSignLive account to the app or create a new one. You’ll then be able to access existing documents, import new ones from other cloud services, or utilize photos in your library. Add signers and define the signing order for document, and prepare it by adding signature blocks and capture fields. Then send it off to your clients for signature. eSignLive’s built-in dashboard will help you track the progress of all of your outstanding documents. It’s also SOC 2, HIPAA< and FedRAMP compliant.

Number Games Match Fun Educational Games for Kids ( $3.99 → Free ) Eggroll Games LLC The app is loaded with fun and colorful items to count and match. Depending on their ability level, your child can either play with cards face down or face up to make things easier. Hints are also available if need be. The game includes professional narration for every included item, positive reinforcement, and parental controls.

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