Skiing Yeti Mountain is a Carver’s Delight

Skiing Yeti Mountain is a Carver’s Delight

February 13, 2020 by RSS Feed

Reviewed by Jimbo

Looking for an entertaining racing game that’s a bit retro and lots of fun? Then the Skiing Yeti Mountain app from developer Featherweight Games Pty Limited is just the game app for you!

Skiing Yeti Mountain an incredibly entertaining endless runner-type game that will keep you carving and slaloming for hours on end. So put down Subway Surfers and check it out.


The basic premise of Skiing Yeti Mountain is the user takes on the role of someone who is searching for an elusive fantasy creature called “Yeti”.

The search for Yeti happens on a snow-covered mountain so, of course, skiing is key to the search.

The terrific controls in this game really make it stand out. With the precise controls you’ll meet every challenge and ski every track as you make your way through patches of trees, skidding over ice or launching off cliffs.

There’s plenty of action over hundreds of levels to keep you busy and quite a few colorful locals along the way to keep you amused.

Just listen to the Pathmaker. His advice when you start playing is key to holding your phone and working the controls so you make it down the hill and stay on course through the slalom gates.

Appearance and Layout:

Ski Yeti Mountain iPhone Game

The overall appearance of Skiing Yeti Mountain is very nicely done. The adorable retro, pixelated, almost cartoonish graphics will appeal to beginners as well as even the most sophisticated gamers.

Let’s face it, it’s all about the action. And this games knows that’s why you fire it up. It does not disappoint. The app layout is simple to figure out and the suggested one-thumb navigation is a breeze to get around.

Background music and sound effects are a hit and add to the overall enhancement of the game.


At the time of this review this excellent game has a high 4.8 rating but less than 3,000 reviews referenced on its App Store page. It’s what we call a “sleeper”, a great game that not too many people know about.

We predict the number of reviews will increase dramatically as news of the terrific game spreads.

Many game apps out in the market today that do not offer the same amount of various game play that this app offers still is free to download and only $2.99 to remove the ads.

This app caters well to anyone looking for a slick game that’s a nice “pick-up-and-play” game. Go ahead, try it anytime and for any amount of time, it’s all good.

It does not take a genius to figure out how to play this game, but that does not mean that it does not require some practice to get good at it. Its simplicity will get you off to a good start and its challenges will keep you coming back.

Skiing Yeti Mountain iPhone app requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

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