Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 09/27/2021

Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 09/27/2021

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Audio Spectrum , Astrå , Isometric Squares - puzzle ² and more


Audio Spectrum ( $1.99 → Free ) Pawel Krzywdzinski Audio Spectrum is a real-time FFT spectrum analyzer. It provides you with a visual representation of what you’re hearing, and can be used to measure the response times of audio equipment or analyze various sounds. The app includes three sampling rates to choose from, the ability to zoom and pan charts, and the ability to export and share charts. External microphones are also supported and are highly recommended for better results.

Astrå ( $0.99 → Free ) Pablo Molina Garcia Astra provides a whimsical experience that can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages. You’re put in control of Hemera, the goddess of daylight. You must help her fight the darkness by traveling across the universe collecting daylight. Tap to leap into the air and over your enemies, and tap again to break free from gravity and reach other planets. You’re also able to slow down your descent with a tap and hold. The game includes 32 levels to explore, and two difficulty settings.

Isometric Squares - puzzle ² ( $1.99 → Free ) Wojciech Wysocki Isometric Squares makes it hip to be square. It requires you to move squares around the grid in order to fill it in. Isometric Squares includes both 2D and 3D modes. In 2D mode, it’s easier to fill in the grid since it’s from a top-down perspective. If you’re looking for a greater challenge, play in the isometric 3D mode. You’re able to toggle between the two with a tap. The game includes more than 50 levels and 150 puzzles.

Egyptian Senet ( $1.99 → Free ) Mohamed Ezzat In Egyptian Senet you will start your mysterious afterlife journey to pass through the underworld realm of Osiris. Senet is a board game invented by Egyptians roughly 3,500 years ago. It is the earliest known record of a board game. It is believed that this two-player board game originated as a popular form of recreation with both royalty and peasantry. The board consists of 30 squares or slots, arranged in three horizontal rows of ten. Pawns move from the left to right through row one, then drop down and move from right to left through row two. Dropping down again, pawns move from left to right along row three and finally, off the board. The app includes a full set of rules explaining how to play the game.

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