Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 01/13/2018

Free Apps to Download TODAY ONLY 01/13/2018

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GeoBee Challenge , Trick Shot , Musical Paint For Kids and more


GeoBee Challenge ( $1.99 → Free ) National Geographic Society National Geographic will help you find out if you know your stuff no matter your age. The object of the game is to correctly answer the multiple choice questions and discover the locations on the map as quickly as possible since both are scored separately. You must also hit a target score to move on to the next round, otherwise you’ll have to start all over. The game includes more than 1,300 questions, and more than 1,000 locations to pick out. It also includes achievements and leaderboards via Game Center.

Trick Shot ( $1.99 → Free ) Jonathan Topf In each of the 100 levels, all you have to do is throw a ball into a box. How difficult can that be? Turns out, pretty difficult. The ball in question is super duper bouncy, and the path to the box is almost always obstructed. Pull back in the target area to launch the ball and bounce it off of anything and everything, just as long as it’s not the edges of the box. Otherwise you won’t achieve a perfect rating. On the positive side, you get as many chances as you like to score a trick shot.

Musical Paint For Kids ( $1.99 → Free ) Building Blocks Media Musical Paint For Kids provides a multi-sensory experience for your child. They’re able to select from six adjustable colors and then paint their hearts out. Each color is accompanied by a different tune, so each stroke will create beautiful music. Your child can sign their work of art before saving it, adding a nice personal touch.

Multiplication Flash Cards Games Fun Math Problems ( $3.99 → Free ) Eggroll Games LLC Multiplication Flashcard Match Games is loaded with positive reinforcement. It will help your child learn to multiply by having them play a variety of memory matching games. You’re able to choose the best number range for your child’s skill level, but no matter which you choose your child will be able to hear the numbers and equations as they are touched. After each round, they’ll receive positive feedback and balloon popping rewards. Hints are available along the way, and “Show Me” and “Peek” features make it even easier for young learners to enjoy.

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